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am i doing this right?
hey hey hey. everyone else is doing it, i will too. i actually dont know anything about blogs. like, anything at all. (help. what do i do.) but i will try anyway.
i assume you just talk about your day.
i'll try to remember to update this everyday, but no promises. i'll do it at the end of the day, too. like before i sleep, or something. not actually before i sleep, though, because i go to sleep super late.
expect an... entry? new post? expect something, soon.
disclaimer: i forget things really easily, so expect lots of "i dont remember"s or "i dont know"s
This blog doesnt seem super secret
It is Super Stripes, though.
this is a certified moment
i am so excited
So excited!
Welcome to TwoCans Blogs!
heyyy. welcome to the 1st day.
not much actually happened today. in second period a kid asked to work together on a paper, and so we did. i was honestly expecting at least 1 or 2 comments about it, because the kid always gets bullied, but no one even cared, so thats a win.
in 5th period a student got up and went to anothers desk for, like, half a second, and then told the teacher to hold on. the teacher really didnt like that, being told to wait by a student, so the kid had to do pushups in front of the class.
in 6th period our seats apparently got changed around. so much for being on my phone the entire class, the teacher stands right next to me all the time now.
eating mcdonalds right now. yum. its where i found jerimiah. hes a pickle. hes so small. i love him so much.
thats all i can really think of thats happened, today. if i think of more then i will tell you

uhh, am i supposed to ask a question or something now? when was the last time you did pushups
i do pushups every day, its called getting out of bed
heyyy. welcome to 2nd day.
i almost forgot to do this, but then i remembered, so its okay.
not a lot happened today. i think i made a friend? that reminds me, i should probably do my homework. why do i have so much. i don't want to do this.
ive been super tired as of late, even when i go to sleep early. speaking of sleep, ive been remembering some dreams i've had before. or, nightmares? they were scary when it was happening, but when i woke up its fun to remember. does that count as a nightmare? i guess i have nightmares often, then.
oh. i just got an AMBER alert. kidnapped child. a 4 year old, abducted by a man and a woman. i hope that kid'll be okay.
anyway. im eating bread and drinking dr. pepper. it makes my gums burn. its spicy. mmm

oh yeah, a question or something. uhh, what do you think about homework, and should i do it?
homework sucks but you should do it
When I do homework, it's either fun or hell. No inbetweens. It's only boring when it's hell. You should do yours, though.
i have SO MUCH though. like, 7 pages of just work from a bunch of different classes
Procrastination's a killer.
I got an AMBER alert too. Poor kid.
heyyy. it's day 3.
this is kinda early but who cares. today kinda sucked. it was fine, i guess, until 5th period. the teacher lectured me about GPA and how i need to focus on my work and stuff. then when i got home my father was being kinda mean and stuff, then my sister was being super mean.
it doesnt help that im, like, super tired.

here is your question. uhh, what is your favorite type of M&M
im sorry stripes about your dad and school and stuff, like i said earlier (i think? i remember saying it) i can help you with uh homework and stuff if you'd like. not sure if it would be that helpful but still
also peanut m&ms probably
heyyy. day 4 here
uhh oh god i forgot about this. has it been a day already? i dont remember
anyway nothing really happened. i had some weird dreams i guess. ive been listening to songs, too. i'd say its been an okay day.
although, ive noticed ive been getting annoyed and upset easier and stuff. am i dying? is this just a phase? is this what being a teenager is like? i'll never know. i hope it isn't. i thought i got past my 'constantly angry' phase.
my stomachs been hurting a lot. my head, too.

here is your question: uhh, do you call it soda or pop?
soda, also being angry and annoyed at everything is not just a teenager thing its an everybody thing
heyyy. is it day 5 already?
today was a blast.
i went to an amusement park. is that what it's called?
anyway, first we went on this one ride that put you really high up in the air then dropped you. i dont remember what its called. it was fun. i love falling.
then we raced on these little go karts. that was really fun, even if the guy telling us the rules and stuff was kinda mean. it was easier than i thought it would be, despite the fact i crashed, like, 2 times. who knew stopping could be so hard?
tried rock climbing. its really hard. everything was sloped downwards so i had nothing to grab onto.
there was a ride that spun you around upside down, too, that was fun. it looked scary at first. a kid fainted.
then we went inside and played some arcade games. i got a little duck that i named Water Boy. hes a cow... and a duck. cow duck. i love him.
i couldnt play a lot of games because the card had a balance or something, and the games took money off the card? anyway there was a picture booth there and i got some pictures with my siblings and Water Boy.
also had some tickets, so i got some little toys.
then we ate some taco bell. i love bean burrito.
i think thats all that happened. it was fun.
anyway, im cold now.

here is yo question: do you like roller coasters and... rides, and stuff?
no i am scared of everything
heyyy. it is day 6
today was fine, i guess. i played some games with titanlord237, that was fun.
we (my family) all ate at the table today, for some reason. it didnt go well. father says im making myself depressed, or something about not being normal. and that im weird for not wanting to eat in front of people.
the sounds of people eating make me want to skin myself alive and then tear my throat out.
its a school night, too. that sucks.
is anyone reading these?

here is your question: do you wear jewelry? do you enjoy jewelry? jewelry
i read them. i dont wear jewlery
Same here
heyyy. day 7
nothing really happened today. just got a bunch of headaches and stuff. internet was out at school today, though.
i dont have much to say.
no one really cares for these, huh? i think i might stop writing these.
or at least only write them when something interesting happens.
i thought of something interesting that happened, i think.
i was weirdly frustrated during my last period class today. my arm was cramping up in an annoying way, so it was hard to write. i just wanted to put my head down and wait for the end of class. i didn't, though.
i guess thats not really interesting.
im gonna stop writing these for a while.
thanks for answering them when no one else did, bug
That's ok, stripes. I like your blogs, but if you don't want to do them then that's fine!
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