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woah youre so cool!!!!!! good jo,b
hoylecake said:

the u is right where it's supposed to be 😡

and good job stripes
oh, so its not coulor?
So many pretty culuors
NO CAPITALS ALLOWWED!!!!11!1111!1111111
then why are you using them, hmm?
HugzFafad said:
hoylecake said:

burger moment 🍔

shut the hell up i hate that stereotype
that stereotype is allowed on my blog, sadly
i hate being light headed
then be heavy headed
i didnt think of that thanks
stripes said:
that stereotype is allowed on my blog, sadly

i am sor i shall i allow it
i want to go home nothing is even happening im so bored
isnt nothing happening a good thing
yeah but i wish nothing could happen while in the comfort of my own bedroom instead of this classroom where i get hit by a tennis ball every 2 minutes

hiiiii i did some testing today and uh oh i have to do even more tomorrow and then school is out and im not kidding like a lot of testing just testing alllll day

i have to do an algebra final and then something on the computer with 100 questions and then a 100 question algebra exam and it doesnt help that i can barely multiply without using my fingers its okay though i dont care if i fail that much

oh yeah btw idk if i told you guys but i got a meow meow. a little black cat named Tally and we're supposed to get another cat on friday to make tally less lonely he keeps peeing in my bed and my arms are covered in scratches but i love him

ok thats all for now thanks
awwwwww tally

also good luck on your finals (if you havent already done them)
stripes will always win
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