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stripes said:
oh yeah btw idk if i told you guys but i got a meow meow. a little black cat named Tally and we're supposed to get another cat on friday to make tally less lonely he keeps peeing in my bed and my arms are covered in scratches but i love him

that name is lovely i think tally is so cool
thanks me too and hes not even scared of us anymore now hes so attention seeking you cant go 3 steps without dying and going to hell
i love him
he is wonderful
ok hi school is out expect me to be significantly less active but still a little active until school is back thanksp
hi happy pride month it is pride month right
no its still may
happy pride month, stripes!
hi. my mother came to our house today unexpectedly. it went better than expected,
and we almost crashed and died. but now we have to go somewhere else tommorow (with my father) and im nervous for my little meow meow who will be left all alone while we are gone

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ok its ok we went to the flea market and i got a little squirtle figure on a keychain i love him he is my yipes and he will stay in my drawer
cute yipes
hi school is starting soon, which means i will start getting back into the forums and stuff.

my younger brother is going to be going to the same highschool as me this year. he is growing up so fast.

also, i got a haircut. its not exactly how i wanted it, but its still 1 million times better than the other one i had. also, ive started painting my nails again. i havent done it in years because i used to think it was only for girls, and if you havent noticed, a girl is the last thing i want to be. i want to be a bird.

im thinking about wearing a hat too. ive never worn hats.

i also looked in the mirror the other day, with my oversized hoodie and painted (black) nails, super short haircut and funny face... i look so queer, and its 2 million times better than how i looked before. honestly, while actually passing as a guy would be GREAT, i dont mind how i look currently.

what i DO MIND, however, is that i dont even have my schedule. for school. im gonna have to go the OFFICE and ASK for my schedule. can you even believe that???? do they know who i am????????? things should be handed to me on a silver platter before i even have to ask. this is fucked up.

anyway, im probably not gonna go through and read all 52 of the unread threads i have, so if i missed something funny or important, please please please tell me. or i will cry. thanks 😁
I'm glad ur coming back, it's been really quiet and I don't think you missed anything. and it's also pretty great that you don't dislike how you look, I'm happy for you!

and that's so annoying having to go up and ask for your schedule, imagine having to socialise for that
hi stripes welcome back (i say although ive barely been alive here at all maybe once)
welcome back, stripes!
yippie so cool are you also coming back on the 15th

also... stripes wear a hat!!! yaaass. doesn't matter what kind you would rock the hell out of it you'd rock a bowler hat a top hat a baseball hat a sun hat a fishin' hat, i swear, from the information I can pull from who you are you would look rockin' in a hat,,,,,,, yaaaaaaaassss..... also a cowboy hat
it takes a lot of confidence to wear a bucket hat
i have a frog hat. maybe we could get matching frog hats :)
frug hat!!!!!! personally i think bucket hats kick arse )bucket head guitar guy so cool(
so true acky
hats with fish on them are some of the best hats, agree yes maybe possible? hats,,,,, hat,,,,,, all hats are best hat,s
hats are great!

what about beanies?
i love beanies
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