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i use viagra every day
repressed memory of dancing pig rubbing his belly and singing
i want to go home
me too
stripes said:

exactly what I said when I read that looolloooopppollll
he was singing and dancing and rubbing his belly. like he was talking about tasty food and saying "yummy yummy in my tummy" in the chorus. yum
what did he eat that was so yummy? bacon?
i rember. he ate vegan pork. thatveganteacher propaganda 🤯
istg as soon as i start listening to music that isnt FAST and HIGH PITCHED and BRIGHT then i immediately become every bad emotion
stripes i relate tso hard
hi im so bored
hi what up
nothing i need new headphones these ones are squeezing my head. how are oyu
i hate headphones i hope you get new ones also the fire alarm just went off and i was hoping the school was on fire but it was just a false alarm
why would you want that to happen
Presumably he'd get to go home
i want to lay in my bed all day
relatable is my middle name
stripes relatable [LAST NAME NOT FOUND]
what if stripes' last name was yipes and yipes' last name was stripes
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