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ok that's ok, you can always message me on here
thanks i will except for when i wont
ok me too
Oh, it's time to keep living. Time to keep taking from the world you're given. You are my time, so I'll throw off my shawl...

And watching your flings be flung all over makes me feel young all over, in just no time at all!
happy birthday
to who?
Vorp. I am stupid and getting my dates confused.
tommy kitty and baby
oh ok

tommy, kitty, and baby they were my little meow meows

happy birthday!
thanks i miss them its funny they were born on 420 though
i miss them too
i know
i forgot i had one of these but now i remember what should i say
talk about whats been going on in the life of stripes
Stripes, do you want to reform Austria-Hungary with me?
ok uhh i still dont have my phone back
and ive been shaking a lot recently oh and i went to the zoo on friday the bird part was closed though because of bird flu though thats about it

edit: yes acky
It's good that the entire zoo wasn't closed. Did you see some cool animals while you were there?

Yaaay. Austria-Hungary time.
yeah i saw some kangaroos and frogs and lots of monkeys but the super tiny ones werent there
sometimes i wonder what my life would be like if i was still living in ohio
You aren't missing much.
someone sat down in the seat in front of me and his friend came over and they just started making out and and whispering to each other and now im like what why did this happen is it normal to passionately make out in public this school is weird
Is not normal. Smack them both on the head
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