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oh, OK
please someone look at my uhhhh whats it called the descripition on my profile and tell me if its a lot of text or not. i want people to go to my profile and not be bombarded with lots of words to read but i also want them to be able to learn about me
its' perfect
Honestly it's fine as it is but I'm a sucker for short bios, so just the first two lines would also be cool.
Hey, just look at my minewizard14 alts bio
stripes your bio is the best one on tcas i think so its perfect
i second bugs comment
thajks everyone i will think about changing my bio again in 3 years
rip that kitten but anyway the wind is really cold and its turning my fingers numb and also we are starting reading lord of the flies today in my english class so can someone tell me if its a good book and if i will enjoy it or not
you will enjoy it because flies fly
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