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hi i am making a blog now because i like to be included.
i plan on making this whole blogging thing a competition, no matter what, i will win (joke)

here's the plan:
i will post at least once a day about my day or just my thoughts. i should have named this bug's thoughts but i feel like that would be too different from everyone

if i don't make a post someone please be mean at me
ill put the date and time for the blogs even though i don't have to, and i might make more than one
and uh yeah that's all
Welcome, Bug!
Great to see you joining too!
yes im excited to post about my super totally cool eventful life
me too. did you see the new blogs thread?
i did now
I like that we made the creator or whoever did that add a new forum section
me too, should probably blog about it
bug said:
me too, should probably blog about it

haha maybe you should
i will (tomorrow)
i cant wait
*Excitement intensifies*
day 1

uhh and thats it i guess, i will maybe make more posts today? possibly? who knows.
i guess i have to ask a question since everyone else does, so I'll just start off with an easy one
what is the meaning of life?

ok bye
stripes you just made me so happy
HARLAN "THE MAN" RUSSELL has given absolute radio silence for more than three months. i am beginning to worry
oh yeah
i hope HARLAN "THE MAN" RUSSELL returns soon
me too
day 2 (i think)

i dont know why i keep writing in the morning when nothing has happened but its ok
also im basically writing as if this is a journal which is sad and unfortunate i should probably find a way around this.

that's all for now, i will probably write more later.
question? what is a decent time of day to write a blog. please tell me. i have no idea
you could write your words after school. wait you dont do school. or are you still homeschooled? anyway, at night is good too
im still homeschooled but not for long. and ok i will write at nighttime i think right before i sleep. if i remember. i hope i remember.
if you dont remember i can remind you if i remember
that would be helpful and ill remind you about your blog too if i remember
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