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hey, bug
guess what

Ur ugly as shit^
didnt i say to get off of my blog. all of you
I'm not that bad
youre fine blon. i mean samus and my sister
bug said:
didnt i say to talk more on my blog. all of you

yeah sure I will
bug said:
didnt i say to get off of my blog. all of you

what did i do
BlockingUAvoidingU is your sister?!
i knew that for a while
BlockingUAvoidingU is your sister?!

Yes im her favorite little sister
Can't see why.
yeah i cant see why either because its not accurate
BlockingU and AvoidingU bugs sister
no shes not
still BlockedHer and AvoidingHer
bug said:
thanks for telling me theki i love rain did you like it how was it
the rain was rainy and it made me a bit wet but i used my coat to absorb the bulk of the rain however unfortunately it was unfortunately had to be sacrificed to the rain in the process and i will forever remember its contributions to me from me wearing it to school every day to me using the hoodie to shield myself from weather and appear to be bald and also i was in car with my friends and one of them was a child and they were scared of rain and i said what and they said yea so i killed them which didnt acutally happen and im glad it didnt because if it did i would be really sad but what actually happened is i said wow that is so lame and then my friend got soaked while trying to escort me to my place of living but it was so fun and cool and awesome and it carried over into this morning during school which is kind of awesome
its raining where i am today and my kitty cat is playing in the dirt beat that
my kitty is being taught to play twoodle jump
its supposed to snow here so/////
well the wind speed went up to 37 mph today beat that
my cat has finally figured out that the arrow keys make the game do stuff
I'm teaching my cat to play Twoodle jump
y tho
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