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youre welcome
im supposed to update again but i cant think of anything. all i did today was draw and fix my which is just said so sad
what color is your toyhouse
its a website but its probably grey
day 3 i think im so lost ugh

question: have you ever crocheted
I tried crocheting at a Christian camp, and failed horribly. It is not my thing.
aw well maybe try again? it can be fun
I might try again someday, when my coordination gets better.
oh well maybe dont try archery
I'm actually alright at archery. It's fairly fun if there isn't anything else to do.
oh good, i love archery
There are some badges for it in Scouts. Mostly Girl Scouts.
i used to be in girl scouts. it was very short lived
It's not the greatest, but it's something to do, eh?
i dont really remember
I don't remember much of Boy Scouts. But I do remember making a pinewood derby car in 2 days. We got 5th out of 6, but it was still fun.
that sounds like so much more fun than my girl scouts
It is so much more fun. But, selling cookies is pretty nice.
i prefer to eat the cookies
I like talking with you, Buggus.
thanks and likewise (i am begging and praying that this is the right way to use that word)
It's the right word for this context. But you know what is the word? Bird. Bird is the word.
i love bird
Almost to a post milestone.

In all seriousness, I really wish I could have a bird. They have a ton at Petco, but my parents think they stink.
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