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maybe if you kept it in your room? also you'd have to do a lot of research into birds. also petco sucks. also that's all i have to say
The thing I hate most about Petco is their vet. They punched my poor dead dog Chief in the face and made him bleed.
what the fuck?
oh my gurd buggy swer!!!11!1>1?1?1'!?1?1//1/111/!?!?

Yeah. It could have been one of the reasons he was even weaker when he was dying.
Why did the petco vet punch your dead dog? I couldn't imagine a situation where that'd be warranted.
He was always a really good boy, but I guess edgy teens work at the Petco vet.
that literally makes no sense
That is nowhere near a good reason. That guy sounds like such a dick.
Yeah. I guess they are just dicks.
its more than just being a dick
I miss Chief.
is that your dog or is this a new topic
That was his name.
im sorry about your dog acky, im also angry about the vet thing, have you ever heard of the rainbow bridge poem? i would quote it but i forget all of it but i remember its a nice sentiment
They punched my poor dead dog Chief in the face and made him bleed.
why would someone think thats a good idea
thats what i thought
no blog today, i am too sad
Are you okay?
yeah just sad, i get like this sometimes its ok it will be over in 2-5 business days
day ???

today was boring so
i am going to steal poodonkus (i think thats how yo spell it)/ maple's blog idea because! no ideas are original so why pretend.

pick a name for me based on me. adrogynous, feminine, masculine, whatever. any names other than basic ones (like john or something, no offense to johns out there)
some names i like already are bug. thats it

also if nobody gives name suggestions i will just start talking to myself in here
Alex. I may be biased here, though.
where did gus come from? I'm curious
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