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i have tea
its not luck, its about drive, its about power
this one is kind of cool actually
acky, i am disappointed in you
Me too.
im not
i wish i was prettier or more girly or something
im sure you're very pretty

gender roles are silly anyways

most people think gender roles matter
Most people thought the world was flat for quite some time.
I mean, I like being girly 🤷‍♀️
not that I'm pretty or anything
the earth is flat
arw you sure about that
yes ive been to space
what is at the edge of the world? does it flip like a coin and what is on the other side
bug has been to space
its held up by a giant turtle, the turtle has to balance the earth on its back (because its flat) but sometimes it sways which is what causes global warming
dont forget its all in slow motion
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