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yeah because turtles are slow. the turtle is named pete and he wears a tophat
its turtles all the way down
I'm new to the forums. Is this a chatroom?
its my blog (the coolest blog) and im the president
it is basically a chatroom though
im going to invite my friend jack later maybe
nevermind i am going to die though
ok i invited jack and he took a break from doing literally everything i told him to because his dc figure broke and he was crying
i dont cry, also hello fellow humans
this morning you were crying because you twisted your ankle
i would cry if i twisted my ankle
he was playing gaga and died rip
are you squirtle
everyone is today
join my cult and army
hi guys. so for todays updates i would just like to let you all know that i am probably pregnant. i googled my symptoms and that is what it told me
please give me baby name suggestions
name it bug
wouldnt that be confusing
ok name it gub
thats a great idea
name it shelby after my plant
gub shelby
my brain hurts, i think i will just take it out of my head
then you wont have a brain anymore
thats ok i dont use it anyway
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