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Bug, are you secretly the Pope? I mean, you're a president, you are Tony Hawk (who is the Pope), you speak Italian and you are the best in every scenario. The Pope is also these things.
how did you know
Ohhhh myyyy gaaaaawd.
oh boy
i forgot about my blog
i posted in it but sophy deleted what i posted
do you remember ahat you said
well if you do tell me
SHITFuCK I forgot to remind you about Duolingo.
yeah :( i lost my 21 day streak because i forgot to do it for like four days :(
Fuck. I'm so sorry. I'll try to help more in the future.
its not really your fault ive been busy anyway
Alright. Do you still want me to remind you?
if you'd like
I’ve fled my hometown, changed my number and stolen a 2018 Ford Fiesta, but nothing seems to be working. I uninstalled the Duolingo app 5 days ago, but I still get the notifications demanding me to learn Italian. On the third day, I heard a window downstairs break and found a brick on the floor. There was a note tied to it saying,”Your time is almost up. Learn the fucking italy words or else”. I don’t have the work ethic to dedicate the effort to learn the language, and just accepted my fate. But the next day, when I found the brakes in my car removed after causing a minor accident at a nearby intersection, I realized that I’m afraid to die. In that very moment, I received another notification saying,“It’s too late for practice now. Speak the Italian all you want, I will make sure of la tua morte”. I then turned around to see what I swear was a mass of neon green feathers dart behind a tree. I did not sleep that night, and I’m thankful for it. A few hours after I went to bed, the owl appeared in my window, but quickly fled after I drew my firearm from my nightstand. That’s when I decided it was time to leave, and later stole a car parked down my street. But I know that my fate is sealed. Because every second I’m not running, he’s only getting closer. The notifications from the deleted duolingo app have been getting progressively darker and more sinister. The last one didn’t even ask me to practice learning my language. It was just the owl asserting to me that he is God. I know I’ll die soon. I’ve accepted it. Yet I’m still upset that my life has to end because of my inability to learn Italian.

I can't think of a creative way to tell you to practice, Bug.
wow rhats so true
Fate la vostra lezione di italiano del giorno.
i give up on that
Okey. I'm not going to force you to do it.
coldplay etaw
What is coldplay?
there is no way you're being serious right now
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