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Day 4 of Among Us Reviews (#10/10)

I loled irl 7/10
i forgot about that
Brown Impostor. Fecal Funie! So Funy! It is definitely the inpoetor. I will definitely be voting for this SUSSY IMPOSTOR, who could be responsible for the SABOTAGE of the ship and the MURDER of my very Not Sus crewmates. That is VERY sus of them to do that! I am certainly suspicious of Brown. 8/10. Modest.
Sorry ur not the reviewer. Maybe I can review the impostor ur reviewing tomorrow :D
Listen, this whole Among Us thing is funnier than I thought. I apologize for my false transgressions, that was very potentially suspicious of me. Also sorry.
What is this reply about
Brown impostor.
I'm sorry for calling you a bot before. You were acting very sussy.
Among us btw :P
...Among Us?
What's so funny about among us
I don't know. You just mentioned Among Us, and I thought that was pretty cool because people normally don't bring the game up out of the blue. I thought that was interesting.
Ummm ok? What is so interesting about among us
I find its game mechanics to be particularly fleshed out and endearing.
😐 ...
Okay, you are seriously acting suspiciously. Not as in "funny among us", I mean... seriously. Legitimately. I think acky calling you a bot might have been going in the right direction.
I don't know if you're being sarcastic or doing some weird shit or idk..
HugzFafad said:
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Day 5 of Among Us Reviews (#1/10)

Brown Impostor. Comical crap comedy! I find this extremely hilarious! This impostor is definitely the impostor. I will undoubtedly be casting my vote for this suspicious pretender who would be held liable for the DISRUPTION OF SPACESHIP ACTIVITY and the HOMICIDE of my extremely trustworthy crewmen. It was tremendously suspicious of them to do that! I am, without a doubt, skeptical of the impersonator whose spacesuit is brown. 8/10. Modestly average.
Day 5 of Among Us Reviews (#2/10)

Sus shuffle 9/10
Day 5 of Among Us Reviews (#3/3)

Sorry no more among us reviews until May 13 because of ap exams :)))))

Another two time back to back video gaming champion??? 3x/10
Let me offer my own personal review. You can not do anything about it.

Dreamogus review -- 0/10

Dreamogus is certainly the impostor. He has been known to fake his appearance multiple times, as well as cheat and hide behind a literal mask! This is VERY suspicious Inpoetor activity. I will certainly be taking note of this prior to calling an emergency meeting. By then, I will have presented the evidence that this GREEN IMPOSTOR is certainly VERY SUSPICIOUS and UP TO NO GOOD. Hopefully Dreamogus will get EJECTED, as he is the IMPOSTOR.
I will put one among us review. Just for you guys. And then I will resume among us reviews Friday.

Among us VR I'm going to pog out poggers I'm poging irl 😮 10/10
Day 6 of Among Us Reviews (#1/10)

This among us chicken nugget pairs well with travis scott burger 8.5/10
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