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This will be my greatest achievement. Two massive milestones on the same day.
of all time?
Get ready... in post milestones
W_Licky said:
University of Iowa

Yes, unfortunately we both go there
Why is it unfortunate :(
Cuz iowas unbazed
true ig. i can't wait until i am an adult and i can leave iowa. there is litterally nothing to do here
Chos wondering from which pt youre from
edit: location censored
Cho wants to know which city specifically cuz it sounds like the quad cities
edit: location censored
good job licky!
I think I'm gonna register and pay for the April ACT today. It's on Saturday, April 15. I want an early start with ACT-taking, and I also need an composite ACT score of 19 to be able to attend Adv. Math PC DE (H) / Trigonometry DE (H) my Junior year. I know I can get more than a 19; a 19 on the ACT is like getting about half the questions right.

Also, my mom planned for my family to attend a wedding at the end of May. I was ready to go back to our annual vacations to New York City but then I discovered the wedding occurs during the last week of school. Well, that's just great. I haven't been there since 2019, when I was 12. I'm now 16. ughhhhhiuiwtui

On the bright side, we're likely going to plan a trip to China for my maternal grandfather's funeral and a reunion. I've only been to China once, my parents brought me there when me and my younger brother were born in NYC. We all lived in Fuzhou and soon went back when I was 3 or so.

It's been 13 years since I've been to China.
hope you enjoy!
Well, the vacations will all be in the summer. For now, I get to stress about the ACT. I can easily get a 19, but I want a high score. There is no way I'll get the highest of 36, but I'm reaching for something respectable.
I hope.
Gl on the act!! You got this!!
W_Licky said:
There is no way I'll get the highest of 36, but I'm reaching for something respectable.

Easier than you think. Good luck.
Since you seem to talk about tests a lot on this thread, I'm going to barge in and talk about myself. PERT tests tomorrow. I am very excited (not).
Wats pert
Postsecondary Education Readiness Test. Required if you're a Floridian seeking a degree.
You live in Florida?!
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