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I’m so scared about how I did on my biology leap. I really messed up pmat
My maternal side's surname might be the same as the ruling house of the Sui Dynasty (581–618), but I'd have to confirm the tone.
We started frog dissections today in Biology.
Well, Allied Health Biology classes are dissecting whole baby pigs. The frogs are small and not so messy. The pigs will spill preservative fluids.
W_Licky said:
We started frog dissections today in Biology.

The Louisiana House proposed this horrific bill barring Chinese and people of other countries not American citizens or permanent residents from owning, buying, and renting property.

Bill Link:

Petition against this bill of blatant discrimination.
Petition against HB 537:
Got the 3rd highest Biology LEAP score in my school.
You should frame the 2 other people and get them expelled
Other stuff coming up:
My ACT is less than a month away on June 10th.

Last day of school is May 24th.

I turn in my school computer this Wednesday.

AP scores come on July 5th.

My mom and dad are flying to New York City for a wedding on May 20th.

My dad will return on May 24 or 25.

My mom will not return with my dad; she will go to China, for my maternal grandfather's funeral.

First time she has visited China in like 13 years. I won't be going to NYC or China this summer, so guess I'll be stuck with 4 years since I've gone to New York City and 13 years since I've been to China.



I took screenshots of the ending.
Cool, want to help us break it open?
How does me winning the game assist you in breaking it open?
Just an offer if you would like us to figure out the passwords and the effects
Probably not as I’m returning my school computer this Wednesday.
Sell your school computer to the highest bidder, use that money to pay the school back and then steal your computer back from the man who bought it
Illegal in every way.
Acquire a personal computer.
Only if my parents approve.
mind control them
That is a great idea.
steal their money
My little brother hit 100 thousand subscribers on Youtube today. Go congratulate anonymous tc&s user

He also just started a bracket-like tournament for 256 random historical countries. I made the bracket, and I determined the countries and who is winning. It's the largest spreadsheet I've ever made.
What kind of content does he make
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