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Hey folks!

I'm not totally sure what I'll be doing with this blog, but I think a weekly entry based on whatever I feel like talking about should be fine.

Maybe p0tat0 lore? If you aren't aware, p0tat0 and I are two separate entities. p0tat0 is somewhat an 'alter ego' of myself, yet much more stupid, carefree, and outgoing than I am.

But yeah, might start with the first 'official' post on Friday.
You ate yourself?
...we don't talk about that fact. Don't traumatize the p0tat0. It's complicated.
I'm sorry forum kitten, but I have no choice.

Blog Post #1: February 18th, 2022.

I typically don't enjoy writing about myself very often, as I'm pretty private overall. I'll probably write down what's on my mind freely. Semester 2 started about 3 weeks ago, and it's going...okay?

My first of the 4 blocks of the school day is 3D Game Design. It's pretty great! Playing video games is literally part of an assignment so that's really cool. The teacher is perhaps the chillest I've ever had, and is the sponsor for the computer science club I'm running. Once restrictions are lifted, which is pretty soon, I can finally take the club off hiatus! (For context, there used to be no in-person clubs since early January.)

Guitar is a pretty fun class but I find the class is going pretty slow, though I suppose that can't be helped given that I learn things pretty quickly and that I've learned music from a young age. I think I started learning piano at age 4 or 5. I can't remember.

Physics is perhaps the least enjoyable of the class but the teacher is really nice. That said, it's not horrible? A lot of physics is applied math, so if I practice more often and stop letting my ego get ahead of me, maybe I'll do better. I'll let y'all know how that goes.

Finally, Philosophy. My brain hurts from talking about philosophy, so perhaps I'll make that a topic for another day when my brain's not fried.

Anyhow, that's all I'm going to say. Question for you if you choose to answer: what is your favourite subject in school or hobby? I'm curious.
whatever subject that writing is under i dunno, i also like history and astronomy
Social Studies is really fun. I basically have AP Social Studies, because I'm in Challenge, which replaces SS, but still teaches you a lot of SS things.

(Some people don't have SS, it's like a mix of History and Law Studies, or whatever it's called. It focuses on post-1400's history and American history.)
I think my lab partner got pissed at me because we failed our project. Maybe he has anger issues. Maybe he's an illegal immigrant because he was googling what you could do without American citizenship during class today.
what can you do without an american citizenship though
I don't know. I was born here and given citizenship. America is a great country. I think the fact that we can recognize and talk about its flaws speaks to its quality.

As Voltaire put it, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

I'm glad people are constantly fighting about the best way to run the country because that shows progress is always trying to be made.
i agree
Blog #2 electric boogaloo? - February 25 26, 2022.

It's technically a Saturday but I forgot yesterday.

I have a jazz band concert tonight and I'm filled with both excitement and anxiety? I know I mentioned this in the Train of Thoughts thread but eh, it's my blog - I can do what I want with it.

I did sign up for a solo for one of the 9 songs, so that's going to be... something. I'm not very good at improv, but hey, it's worth a blow. Everyone else says it's good, so it's got to be good, right!?

On a more somber note, my self-esteem continues to be low even though I've been struggling with this problem for many, many years. Even when writing my essays for scholarships and my acceptance letters from universities, I still find it hard to tie myself to those achievements. It's almost as if I feel a separate entity from what I accomplished.

Speaking of separate entities, p0tat0 is feeling fine. It's still naïve and blissfully ignorant as always. Outgoing and chipper as ever thanks to the magic inside of its mashed potato filled brain. Don't ask me how p0tat0 manages to function; ask it instead.

I guess the question of the week is: what instrument(s) do you play? Do you like them? Would you say you're good at them?
To answer the question of the week, I play the viola. It's a hassle sometimes, but still a lot cooler than the violin. Nerds play violin. I'm alright at the instrument, but I'm not quite the best.
pain o
To answer the question of the week, I play the viola. It's a hassle sometimes, but still a lot cooler than the violin. Nerds play violin. I'm alright at the instrument, but I'm not quite the best.

I've never played any of the viola's family, but I am learning guitar. I heard viola is hard to play - is that the case?
Meh. It's not too hard. The things about it that are hard are making sure it does not get scuffed, carrying a large instrument everywhere, practicing every day, and the people who say "Oh, can you play (some song you can't find the sheet music to anywhere) for me on your violin?"
Happy 7500 posts.
By the ways, P0tat0, this is your reminder to post a recording of you singing.
Yes, thank you, I'm working on that.

Update: the Vocaroo is now posted in the Vocaroo V3 thread!
I guess the question of the week is: what instrument(s) do you play? Do you like them? Would you say you're good at them?
I know I'm an entire day late, but I'm a trumpet. I like it, and I think I'm better than most people in my class.
Trumpet gang!

Also: there is no such thing as being late. This blog updates weekly so anyone can reply within a week (or even later to a question)!
So how did it go?
The concert went pretty okay! It was a tiring night with lots of jazz, but my solo went fine and the songs went relatively smoothly. Do wish this was an in-person concert; it's discouraging to perform in front of a mostly non-present audience.

Perhaps the most annoying thing was the constant wifi disconnection, since the concert took place online on YouTube. There were around 5 to 6 stream freezes, maybe more, which was frustrating since several songs had to be stopped midway. I also bruised my right pinky toe in the midst of clean up when a table fell on it.

Other than that, trumpet gang!
Trumpet gang! Woo!
I have a question. Is it true that your lungs are made of steel?
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