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That's crazy, I can't imagine stopping a performance midway through.
I have a question. Is it true that your lungs are made of steel?

To my knowledge, no.
ecr674 said:
That's crazy, I can't imagine stopping a performance midway through.

I know. It's not the first time this kind of shit happens. To be perfectly honest, I'm pretty pissed. Instead of having like, a YouTube livestream, why not just...upload a video so this doesn't happen in the first place? It kills momentum for everyone if there's spotty internet.
Blog Post #3: March 5, 2022.

Honestly, I'm just going to move the weekly blog posts to Saturdays. It's easier for me to remember that way.

Yet another monotonous week. After the jazz concert, nothing really interesting happened. I'm getting pretty good marks and making some new friends in philosophy class, so that's pretty cool. Physics doesn't seem as terrible as last week considering I got an 87.5% on my latest quiz. Still not too pleased with that, though.

Highlight game of the week: Celeste. Man that platformer is fantastic. I'm not very good at it, especially since I need Assist Mode for the B-sides and C-sides, but it's still challenging and rewarding. Probably wouldn't have bought it if it didn't have Assist Mode since I don't like gatekeeping.

May as well post the paragraph I wrote for my Game Design class 2 weeks ago here since that relates to Celeste nicely here. Read it. Or don't, your choice.

Question of the week: what is/are your favourite video game(s), if you play any? What makes them so great?
The Binding of Isaac is bloody addicting. There's so many achievements, and over 4 trillion different run generations. I've had the game since Afterbirth, and I still haven't gotten to the very final boss yet.
Ive heard Isaac is good, never played it myself but watched others play it

Im not sure what my favorite game is, I have too many

But if I had to choose it would be anything in the Kirby series
Blog Post #4: March 14, 2022.

You know what? Forget it. I'll just blog whenever I feel like it.

Shorter post today since I haven't been feeling like myself since Friday. I'll be okay...I think. Just self-esteem issues suffocating myself again and continuously being the victim of my own gaslighting.

Guitar is fun. Might do another shitty cover sometime.

But in more happier news, it's Pi Day! One of my favourite days of the year! I have some really nice socks with pi pies on them! I love them!

I'm also working on a visual novel...or two. Won't be released for a while but it's nice to get my imagination down in code.

Question of the day/week/irregular period of time: What's your favourite number and why?
I'd love to hear your guitar sometime

my favourite number is 72, I dunno, I just really like the numbers 7 and 2, and I like numbers that have a 2 and only even numbers. they just hit different lol
The number 13 holds a very, very special meaning to me. I refuse to say why. But, I'll say why if you ask me.
elevators or sometihng
That, and a lot of other things.
Favourite number? 23.
Why? I don't know.
Hey, 23 is my 2nd favorite favorite. Ever heard of the 23 enigma?
I have not. What is it?
23 tends to show up a weird amount in nature... I forgot the rest.
I remembered why it's my favourite. My birthday's on the 23rd.
23 is not in the Fibonacci Sequence, but that sequence shows up in nature a lot.
I have no idea hat that is either.
Although I have heard of that.
Some conspiracists like to find the number 23 everywhere in astounding feats of numerology.
What level of cognitive bias is this? I was looking up Club 27 earlier today from a YouTube ad, and it had a link to a related phenomenon at the bottom of the page.

That phenomenon was 23 Enigma. What are the chances I see it again here?
Once you see it....
mario 64 came out on june 23rd
And what's half of 64 backwards??
Truth is, you could probably take any number and say "The ___ Enigma" and people would believe it's magic. They'll find that number on the expiration date of their milk and loose their shit. Numbers are everywhere, some happen to trick people.
therere 23 red coin stars in sm64
good number
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