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It's the Poodonkus913 Activi-Blog! Formerly seen in every gift catalogue from 2010, the do-it-yourself Poodonkus activities will leave you occupied for hours on end. More-or-less, this is my obligatory blog thread but with a twist on it. Check back for weekly new activities!

===Ask Me Anything!===
Most of you are acquainted to my presence in the forum, but there's still a lot you may not know about me. So ask! Anything goes, within reason.
When playing Monopoly, what character piece do you choose to represent you on the board?
Oh obviously the cat, if available. I flipping love cats.
I choose the hat. It is the only piece I do not find shockingly ugly. It is actually quite dapper.
My piece of choice is wheelbarrow
hoylecake said:
I choose the hat. It is the only piece I do not find shockingly ugly. It is actually quite dapper.

Finally. Someone who chooses the hat too.
I usually do the car, or the plane if it's available.
we have the deadpool monopoly set. it has a taco thing. if not the dog.
This inny the Monopoly thread. Go 'way with your Monopoly monotony
===Pin the Name on the 'Donkus===
I'm non-binary - something I have made very obvious, ever since I realized it for myself. What few of you know, is my first name, Ethan. It's... not the most ideal name. It does the job, and I recognize it as my own, but I bet there's something better that I could choose. That's where YOU come in.

Decide a name for me, based on what you know about me, my personality, and all else relevant - I might even claim it! If you need some guidance, I considered the name Cerulean, lately.
i know nothing about you but maybe spell it caerulean instead. so you can have a nickname (like cae or something). i don't know about naming yourself after a color though because what if you eventually stop liking that color? unless you mean a different cerulean
i can probably think of other names, ive been thinking about a new one for myself
There is no doubt in my mind that you will eventually regret being named after a colour. I hope this doesn't sound rude, I'm just speaking from experience.

A name that I think may fit you would be a gentle, elegant name. Now, if I may ask: What kind of names are you looking for, specifically? Are you looking for a name that originates from a certain language, like a French or Greek name? Or are you searching for a name with something that makes one think of charm, wisdom, strength, or anything other than that?
I want something that sounds comfortable, I think. Not delicate, but more evocative of warmth.

My goal is to be identified by others as a "gentle giant".
Yay or nay to biblical names? There's a couple that could fit that description.
I'm certainly open to anything. After all, my birth name is already of Hebrew origin.

That said, I think I like less "namey" names. Hence "Cerulean."
I see. I've got a couple that miiiiiiiight work here. You don't have to go by what I suggest, though.

Common names that I've found: Avery, Brook, Casey, Gray (or grey, depending on how you spell it), Morgan.

Rarer names that I've found: Baylor, Cedar, Quin, Reese, Russell

I'm sorry if some of these sound a little silly, they are just what I have found.
I have done my best to make sure that all of these are mostly unisex.
I hope at least some out of the 10 are good.
Cedar jumped out at me. Something related to trees, or nature, is nice. I think that I like names that are also words.
I thought you'd like Cedar. I'll get a few more to suggest here, since you liked Cedar:

Ash, Prudence, Major, Clay, and Rye. These are all object names.
I'm thinking I wanna branch from Cerulean, namely. That one's been a strong contender.
I see. Let's work off of that.

What colour shade is it?
It's a type of blue. I pondered the name Blue, too.
Tell me, Donk, what colours do you think represent yourself?
My goal is to be identified by others as a "gentle giant".

Although it contrasts with the "gentle and full of warmth" idea, have you considered 'Loki'? Marvel shitheads aside, it's the nonstandard Norse name of a giant-born deity who famously, at times, could not be tied to a single gender.

Alternatives could be "Lokke" (pronounced like "lock") or "Luki", since they share the same root name
I really enjoy the color pink, but I think I identify myself with something dark and rich; like a deep brown or velvet purple.

Kylljoy said:
have you considered 'Loki'?

Ninja'd. I really don't think I would like that name. It'd likely get me roped in with Marvel nerds
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