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a deep brown or velvet purple.

Coco or Helio (short for Heliotrope, my favorite shade of purple from name alone)?
I may, in fact, be too picky about this for my own good o-o
What I've noticed about all of the colour names I'm looking at, is that most of the browns are masculine names, while most purples are more feminine.

No harm in being picky. I searched for my name for a year or two before finally choosing what I want to go by for life.
I just came up with the name Maple. I really like it. It sounds mature, and sweet.
Maple sounds really nice. It works for any age, too, unlike my dumb baby birth name that if I kept would only work until I was 7.
Decide a name for me, based on what you know about me, my personality, and all else relevant.

Amber. Cedric. Vermilion.
I decided to settle on Maple, at least for the time being. If I change my mind, no big deal.

But hey. Amber's a good one - certainly in the same vein as what I chose.
you could be the next pokemon professor
Professor Maple.
I'd be the worst Pokemon professor because I'd just hoard all the cute ones.
Isn't that just pokemon in a nutshell
===Who Arted?===
I'm interested in drawing avatars, occasionally changing mine - but I'm looking to get my skills tested. Prompt me with a request - as vague as "your biggest fear" or as specific as "a kangaroo in a top-hat, who is glaringly transgender". I'll post the avatar that I draw here, and send it to the person who requested it!
Something that screams anime or video games
A crazy person with a mullet who looks like a rock star.
The Teeth Man.
Whatever first pops into your head when you hear the word "worcestershire"
What pops into my head is Huggbees trying to pronounce it while slowly devolving its pronunciation into Watermelon.
Something that screams anime or video games

Quote discovers TwoCans.
Hell yes.
doopunkus!!!! i just found out that i have a beanie baby or whatever with the same name as you. it is maple. it is from canada and its so kewl
It's imperative that I know this beanie baby's name.
hoylecake said:
A crazy person with a mullet who looks like a rock star.

That's supposed to be eye makeup, this dude isn't undead. Well, maybe.
Hahah. Late reply, but I love it.
Sorry, I vanished.

I'll pick this up again soonish.
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