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Yeah, a little bit. She seriously didn't let my sister read a book for school, because the main character had schizophrenia. She described the book as "A guy tries to kill himself, and then imagines he's on a boat because they put him on drugs" when in reality, it is not like that at all.
well i can confirm 2 of those things are real for real
My girlfriends mom is an educator but constantly destroys my girlfriend's mental health
I participated in a dodgeball tournament yesterday. One of the rounds, I won the game for my team. That was pretty cool.
Thank you. Goodnight. Goodbye.
We're here for you, ebag
Time to ruin my epic awesome post count of 11,111.

Guess who's back
Back again

I'm happy. Everything is okay. I'm okay. Hyper, actually. I will not inform any of you why I said what I did, nor will I repeat what I said. I'm still changing, but I don't think I should be trying to change alone. That's not a good mindset. Anyways, it's 11:30 at night, I'm gonna pass out, and wake up to no new posts here in the morning, probably. Thank you. Goodnight. Goodbye.
noooo the post count

but hey welcome back!
There’s only one thing to do now…

111,111 posts
What about 12345
That's the plan.
better get posting then
What about 12345

I like 111,111 better
111 thousand?!
Mere mortals cower at the thought

Only the immortal embrace the path to destiny
I just need to post 100,000 more times. If I post 4 times a day, every day, I'll only be 86 when I reach 111,111. Let's do this.
just play gender race
That kinda feels like cheating to me. I don't know why.
then more forum games if not only gender race
Ok, that's your allocated 4 posts for today. You can do more.
No. If I make more posts, I won't be 86 when I finally make enough posts!
go for 10 a day, you can do it
But he'll be like 43 by then. No, that's still too long. Do 20 a day and you'll finished before turning 30.
Who said I wanted to reach 111,111 in a short amount of time?
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