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Mine also does that! Isn't that wild?
for sure it is!
Back from camping. Very cool, was quite fun.

I've now been asked to draw people cuddling. But, how? How do I do that? How do I even draw people, let alone people cuddling?
you cant people do not cuddle it is physically impossible good luck!
Oh, okay. Thank you Bug!
no problem! i make thousands of dollars a year from art commissions!
Woah! How are you so good at art?
They steal art and resell it.
no :( you are insulting me
mb g
I actually made it the full song.
So, a funny thing just happened.

I'm in a chat that I made with a few people, and one of them likes Thomas. He hadn't been there for a few months at this point, and I kinda thought he had forgotten about the chat. So, tonight, I was bored. No one was online, and I was gonna sleep soon, so I just posted a .mp3 of a Thomas song, joking that I would totally summon the man who liked it.

Within FIVE MINUTES, he appeared.
you have summoned him
I tend to do that sometimes.
You eat the end piece on a loaf of bread because it would be wasteful otherwise.

I eat the end piece of a loaf of bread because I like it. We are not the same.
Oooh my mom really likes it too, I think it's her favourite part
its my favourite part too 😋
Okay, follow up, what do you call that piece of bread? I've always known it as the heel.
I thought it was the nub. Somehow yours sounds more correct though lol
Haha, I like that. The nub.
I just call it the crust/edge piece
yeah i just call it the crust piece too
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