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so hello, hopping into the trend of blogs. yeah, I've said that this isnt really my thing and it seems like something I'll get bored of real quickly, but I guess I'll be using this as a personal rant thread, and maybe a tldr at the bottom for (most) people who dont want to read it and probably a question relating to the thing. anyways let's get started lol

something I should've said earlier is that I actually do have friends, but i moved cities last year and all my friends are back there. I havent made any new friends since. i count school friends and close friends as different, as the friends I'm usually up to date with are family friends that I meet with very often, and school friends are friends I only talk with at school or on whatsapp. none of my close friends went to my school (in the city I used to live in)

but nowadays everyone is getting really busy and with the half term holidays on right now, (a one week holiday, 2 weeks when it's a full term or a festival like christmas) one of my friends are in a different country and I havent seen them since before the half term which is a while. I wouldve seen them by now but they're all busy doing who knows what.

so that makes me really bored, without being able to see my close friends, and I cant go out with any other people except for my family because I dont have any friends in this city :(

I'm seeing the same faces every single day, and it wouldnt usually be so bad, but since its half term but only for schools, my dad is still working and we cant really go out anywhere.

soooo that means I'm ranting on tcas because I have nothing better to do, and I'm desperate for some social activity, even if its through screens :(

so, tldr; I do actually have friends but they live in a different city and I have none in this city, so I'm bored as hell and rant on tcas in order to get some social activity going :)

question: are you an introvert or an extrovert? - do you like socialising or do you prefer to be alone when around people?
and no I'm really not expecting to get many (if at all any) replies to this because its so long

Hi there!
I'm glad that you decided to make a blog!
And for your question, i'm a little bit of an extrovert. i guess im kind of in between.
introvert and by myself. nice blog
And for your question, i'm a little bit of an extrovert. i guess im kind of in between.

that's cool! I like attempting to make friends with extroverts, no matter how many times that fails

bug said:
introvert and by myself. nice blog

thanks bug! I'm sure a lot of introverts are actually pretty extroverted when it comes to the internet lol, not that that's a bad thing
i would like to say i am extroverted on the internet but i actually have a lot of trouble there, too
honestly, I dont think any of it really matters on the internet. you are who you arw!
I like to consider myself a social introvert. I actually do like hanging out with some people, but I get exhausted fairly quickly if I interact with people for too long. This also applies to online settings.

Perhaps a lot of my introversion stems from my insecurity of being considered a very 'strange' person in real life. I won't go into detail, but I do feel as if some people actively avoid me because of how I act. Not that I blame them, though.
I am eating a jacket potato (baked potato?)
it tastes weird

question: do you like potatoes?
Yeah, they are good when they're cooked properly.
potatoes are great, i will eat them cooked anyway at all
I actually don't usually, but that isn't a surprise considering how picky I am. I do like them in some forms though. Mashed potatoes can be good but it depends on how they are made, seasoning, etc. Potato wedges I actually like a lot and will go out of my way to find them sometimes. Of course fries are pretty good too.
whaddya do for fun? I like playing one or two games (more like the only games I have) and just listening to music while kiwi chills on my shoulder. I also like using my phone and drawing. that's it. so once again, whaddya do for fun???

haha the date's 22/2/22
I play games, most recent one I played, Cave Story
I need a change of scenery. I'm seeing the same people every day, talking to only my family everyday, I want to talk to more people in real life but people that want to be my friend. people that would be fine to talk for the majority of our friendship in the first bits until I become comfortable with them. I'm getting so tired, I just want a friend. sure I have them, but they're all online (that I might not even call friends) or in another city. life's so boring, I cant wait until it gets more stressful, at least something different will happen.

question: do you like making friends or meeting new people? sorry if my questions are people related, I'm in desperate need of social activity currently
i hate meeting new people
what's the reason? I'm just curious
social anxiety
ahh yeah. that sucks
yeah, i can handle new people if i cannot remove myself in some way, but its hell sometimes a lot
I'm in desperate need of social activity currently

my social battery has been recharged! I went to a big party which was an overdue birthday party for my friends baby sister and there were loads of people there, mainly adults and little kids. a lot of my friends were there (my first post says I do actually have friends, but they dont live in the same city as me, which I should've said way earlier) and we talked a bunch. I also kind of messed around with some kids art and craft stuff and played musical chairs even if i was the oldest one to play, and got my hand painted with face paint. yeah it was childish but who cares, it's the weekend and I get to meet my friends. I made up with a friend I had a couple years ago, but I never got her number :(. so my day was pretty hectic but fun!

question: hows your day? what things do you find exciting?
I like talking, especially about the things I like. I dont talk much in school, even when I would want to say something. I like talking about video games, the latest book I read, my lack of friends at school and more things. I'm perfectly content to listen to other people talk as well!

question: what do you like to talk about, if you like talking? or if not, do you prefer listening about people's lives?
I kinda just talk and listen at the same time over what the subject is, even if I know nothing about it.
yo hello

the pollen level is medium today, woke up sneezing and my nose is so stuffed. allergies are annoying

question: do you have any allergies?
I could possibly be allergic to dust, and/or cats. Just a little, though. I can handle it, I just can't be in a room full of cats and dust, probably. The dust thing is probably normal.
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