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someone is singing outside very loudly, but I cant see where it is coming from. why are they so loud at 10:40 on a wednesday night. now theres dogs barking. great. what, now there are people cheering. shut up I'm trying to sleep I have school tomorrow

omg they have a mic or something they're being so loud
uh oh I forgot to shut down my computer and my keyboard is still on and the light is rainbowy and annoying and bright and I cant get up to switch it off since my parents will hear the creaky floor
one of my friends are coming over tomorrow and we are going to bake cookies :D
what's even better about it is that our sisters will have to leave us alone so we can make them on our own, fun. and we might go for a picnic later when their parents come back from wherever they went to (which is why they're in the city)

it's been so long since I've seen her, okay maybe not that long, only like 2 weeks but that's long enough
I cant wait
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so my friend came over today, and we made cookies. we left them in the oven for too long and they turned out crispy and flat and all of them expanded so much it was one flat sheet of crispy burnt cookie 💀

we also had another tray of leftover batter that we couldnt fit on the first one, and it turned out better, but was very chewy and hard. that was fun, I think the recipe would work if I didnt leave it in the oven for too long
so it's a pretty hot day at school today, and everyone holds their blazers the same way, it's funny. they hold it with one hand or a few fingers in front of them, not like laying it on their arm or anything
im sick of feeling so profoundly lonely at school everyday
its ok just talk to yourself in your head like you would talk to someone else it really helps
i hate being stuck in my own head
would you rather talk to yourself out loud because that also helps but people might think youre crazy
im sick of feeling so profoundly lonely at school everyday

me too, you're not alone
he bit my nose and now its red >:( stupid kiwi
I just woke up and its half past midnight, and its thundering super loud. I dont think theres any rain either, but there is lightning
god it's so loud. I can't remember the last time there was a thunderstorm, probably like last year or something
I think it stopped. I'm gonna try going back to sleep now, goodnight
it's been like 2 and a half hours, I couldnt sleep. it hasnt been thundering anymore, but it did just once like 20 minutes ago, and since then lightning has been striking a lot. I keep trying to get pictures of it, I have a couple successful photos, but its cloudy so the sky just looks white
Eek. I hope everything ends alright.
Hope you can at least get some sleep tonight.
yeah I hope so too, I've only gotten like 2 hours of sleep, and its 3 am. I've been trying to sleep but I cant. it's either too hot or the noise of the fan is too loud, but thanks

and my leg really hurts for no reason so that's annoying
Doesn't the fan have a low mode?

Oops, not all fans have that, my bad.
it does but then I'd be hot again. it's only 15° but it's still very warm
Man, I wish it was that nice outside.
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