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What were the shots for?

one of them was a booster of the dtp vaccine and the other was one for meningitis
Those are some fancy and big words I don't understand.
shot in arm goes owie 😟 but make sick go bye bye
afhsgajgxjzgxb I left my school card that we use to buy stuff in my jacket pocket and I'm not wearing my jacket today ahhhfhhshdhs

it's either stay hungry or ask someone and I am not asking anyone hdhBhx

aagagaggagag what do I do
it's so windy and my skirt keeps flying up lol. I'm wearing tights and the skirts pretty long so it's fine
help I'm sitting with a group and I'm feeling so awkward, as i always do when I'm around others. I've been sitting with them for a few days now and I'm still so awkward.
I drew on my hand and it's all smudged now
I bit the inside of my cheek really hard 3 times, I'm surprised it's not bleeding
Maybe it was a bit of flesh that didn't have very many blood vessels.
thank god its half term holiday next week. I dont think I can take anymore of this
Half term holiday? What a fun name.
lol. it's the holiday for half term. every half term is like 5-7 weeks and theres a one week holiday after that, but two weeks when a full term ends
That's cool, I'm glad you are getting a break.
haha I'm at a friends house, we've been here for a while and she fell asleep xD its 11:30 so I dont blame her lol
I'm so incredibly bored right now
aghdhhshaj just built a barbecue grill thing from scratch with my sister and my legs are so tired from squatting. its gonna be fun tomorrow (bbq) with my friends :D
wow I found out I am pretty allergic to mold, but not life-threateningly. I tried on some clothes that came from a house that has mold, and immediately I start sneezing. now I am trying to breathe through a sore throat and am sweating so much. I cant find my inhaler :(
I have school tomorrow ugyhughuguguhuguh I dont wanna goooooo
lucky you
i have to miss school all week cause i have covid :(
I havent even finished the school day yet and I already dont know how I'm going to survive 6 more weeks of this

lucky you
i have to miss school all week cause i have covid :(

ahh that's unlucky, get better soon. and I wouldnt say thats lucky for me, I dont like school that much
yesterday, most people in my and another class went somewhere to help set something up, we spent most of the day in the sun and I think most people forgot to put suncream on, including me. when I saw all those people today, they were horribly sunburnt when I just got tanned. I find that funny lol
my bird was on my shoulder and while I was talking to him I asked him if he saw my badge I had on my blazer. so I showed it to him and he immediately flew off xD
uh oh I was playing with some scissors and accidentally cut small holes in my trousers

well actually the first one was an accident, and I wanted to see if I could cut a hole as small as that again, but I cut a bigger hole instead
I forgot my phone at home this morning so when I walked into school without finding it I panicked a bit. I couldnt call anyone because I didnt have my phone. it made me realise how much I needed my phone to get through the day
it will be over 30°C on friday, I am not ready for it. I will die. too hot.
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