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The whole forecast here is stuck at 96 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
It's chilly here, 89F. I'm thinkin' it might snow.
jeez I dont know how you americans survive those kind of temperatures. and did you say snow acky. I dont think 89F is the right temperature for snow

and why is it so hot in june. I swear it's only supposed to be this hot in july and later, not june
jeez. its cold here. were in winter.
also, we use Celsius
you use celsius? you're cool 😎
why is it so HOT it's only 19Β° and I feel like I'm baking. and it's just the morning. ighfjdhhdh tomorrows gonna be so much worse
I think 2 days ago it was 95 degrees (35 Celcius) outside. And now it's been nothing but cold and rain (and some tornados.)
I'm baking alive,
the pollen is high,
I really feel like I just wanna die πŸ’€
Pakistan got 125 degrees in Jacobabad, that’s a record.
wow 😳😧
geez it's raining so hard rn

woah it's so loud I can hear it with headphones on. its storming like crazy

okay its calmed down a bit but still crazy wet
Sounds fun. Do you like rain, Willson?
eh, theres too much of it over here. heavy rain is fun but I hate cloudy skies. I like the weather after rain though :)
my birdie is on my head πŸ₯°β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜πŸ₯°

omg stop nibbling my hair dude
I mucked up my throat somehow, it was sore yesterday and today when I was asking someone a question my voice just completely gave out. I cleared it and it came back eventually, but I was ashamed lol. today I've been clearing my throat a lot and my nose was runny, I hope it's not a cold because I'm going on a trip on friday and I do not want to miss it at all.

and now its hurting even more noooo dont do this to me why now when I'm actually missing school for some event thing nooooooooo omg my voice is so terrible
hope you get better soon. where are you going? for your trip.
thanks :)

it's a school trip to this one science fair thing for stem
sounds fun!
I have to wake up at 5:30 and stay on a coach for 2 hours just to get to the science fair fhhsjajxjkzjx
I'm so nervous dude I have no one to sit with for 2 hours
a popeyes recently opened in my city, I went with my family there for dinner yesterday and I have to say, the portions are massive. like how is that meal for two people?! literally 4 people worked on finishing that thing. the medium size fries are literally a large at mcdonalds, and the large is like twice as big??!
I'm so bored and it's so quiet around. tell me, what's everyone been doing this summer?
Working mostly, got a trip coming up pretty soon though. Looking forward to that.
nice, where to?
I'm going for a choir tour that's been postponed forever.
It's this weird gloomy island somewhere across the Atlantic, not sure if you've heard of it.
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