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I honestly doubt I have but it sounds pretty fun
Ok maybe vague sarcasm wasn't the way to go lol.
I'm going to England.
pffft okay I'm dumb. that was funny though. what city are you going to?
We have residencies at the Bath and Bristol cathedrals, also maybe a little time in Cardiff by the looks of it.
nice. have fun there!
Ty, let me know if you think of anything you'd recommend trying. Even if it's just some random small thing an American wouldn't know about, or like a franchise that's everywhere or something.
I honestly dont know much about other places in the uk except from where I live, so I'm not really sure what I could tell you. I will say something if I remember anything. and if you have any questions I'll try answer them
I'm so bored and it's so quiet around. tell me, what's everyone been doing this summer?

Sorry to butt in even though the conversation has already past, but I've been doing nothing productive other than practicing bass. However, I have been getting back into Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Fun game. Thanks for continuing to blog through the American summer. How have you been, and what have you been up to as of late, Will? Was your trip on Friday fun?
it's fine, I also wanted other people to say stuff lol. how many songs have you learnt?

thanks for asking acky, I've just been bored. school is still going and nothing interesting is happening in my life. and I'm surprised you remembered the trip! I had a lot of fun, I was worried for nothing lol
I'd talk more here, but 90% of the times that I try to make a post, it sounds annoying and pretentious. That's just how I roll. As for songs... uh, I have no reliable source for sheet music, and good god Les Claypool has talent that I cannot currently imitate, so I only know the basic songs from my EE book and Word Up. Also, every time that I make something up and try to write it down for a song I'd be writing myself, I either get distracted or realize how much it sucks.

I'm glad you have fun on your trip. It was a STEM thing, right? Those are always lots and lots of fun.
I dont mind what you say on here, as long as it's not just plain rude. also, theres this website called musescore, it's really good sheet music and it's for loads of different instruments. and it's free. I think you can also write sheet music on there, so it's really useful. and yeah it was stem, so fun
Musecore, eh? I think I've tried that one before. Either that or I'm thinking of Noteflight. Maybe I'll go back to it sometime, thank you.
I'm a big fan of Musescore.
I've got two weeks left of school exactly, cant wait till this is over but sadly I am leaving my school. this school is a really nice school and I'm sad to leave but oh well
I'm getting picked up from school late today and I'm listening to this group of 3 girls, one of which had apparently broken a school chair and she's stressing out about it and another girl is comforting her. it's a little funny how her friend comforts her but I also feel a bit bad for her
I think I have an ear infection. it hurts like absolute hell
Yeouch, I hope it gets better soon. Will you visit the doctor or wait it out?
I'm gonna try and get a doctors appointment tomorrow, I dont wanna wait it out because I have a bad habit of scratching and cleaning the inside of my ear, and it eventually lead to this, so I dont want it to get worse, if that makes sense.
Well, the thing you are using to clean your ears is clean, right?

By the way, can I draw you and not show you the drawing afterwards?
um.. maybe..?

and yes you can
That may be why it's there. Don't get water in your ears.

Yaaay. By the way, are you a caterpillar?
yeah, I think it gets in my ears when I shower. I might be taking a day off of school today for a doctors appointment but my ear is all blocked and hurts to touch and a little swollen on the side

sadly I am not a caterpillar acky
just got back from the doctor and apparently I have glue ear, which I've had since I was a little kid. I think it's supposed to go away on its own but not for me and one ear has developed an infection
can someone please tell my sister to stop watching alvin and the chipmunks movies?!

we just finished this movie yesterday and she's watching it again I dont know how much longer I can stand this
Thinking about Alvin and the Chipmunks brings back a memory that I do not like to think about.
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