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ufhsgdkshidhs jet lag and allergies aren't fun at all at the same time dnjskxbskfbdudh
i feel sorry for you there, will.
my cousins here have cats and god I'm gonna miss them when I go
awww i love cats :)

I haven't been online properly in a while because I've been with my cousins in canada. it's been really fun, I'm leaving tomorrow and I'm a little sad, it's been 5 years since I last saw them and we've all grown so much

anyways, I'll give a little list of things I've done over the past two weeks:
  • in alberta for a week we went to the canadian rockies in Banff
  • we mainly looked at lakes there, like lake Louise and emerald lake (it's beautiful)
  • went downtown once for dinner
  • in toronto for another week
  • we went to centre island
  • went to an aquarium
  • went downtown to the CN tower
  • went to niagara falls and saw the fireworks at night
  • and also just hung out with my cousins

canada's a nice place, and I might live here if it wasn't for how the schools are run, I prefer school at home, but I hope I'll come again soon

so yeah that's what I've been up to these last couple weeks. I've got a 7hr flight + another 3hrs and then a week before school starts.
I went to Canada this year as well, to also see my family. only went to Alberta though

My sister wants to live there.
Hey, I live there! Well, technically central interior BC, but still Canada. I can't imagine living anywhere else.
I probably need to get out more.
axolotl said:
I went to Canada this year as well, to also see my family. only went to Alberta though

My sister wants to live there.

I can see why, it's so pretty
Yow. You lucky sonofaloadedgun. I hope you've had and are still having lots of fun.
I have had so much fun but tmr the fun ends :(

got a couple flights and then a week until a new school that I am not ready for. I'm sad I'm leaving :( but I kinda wanna go home either way
its ok, school will be great! and if its not, then we'll always be here for you :)
thank you :))
youre welcome :)
I think I messed up my sleep schedule. Its midnight and I'm not tired and I'll wake up super late, I have school in less than a week now, idk how to fix this
I can't sleep and I've been thinking about this one kinda phase in early 2021 I had. I somehow managed to learn how to make a minecraft server on bedrock from my own IP address before learning how to export a behaviour pack. I literally made a minecraft server for myself just so I could test out my behaviour pack. that's literally harder than exporting it, which is so much easier. I remember I was overjoyed when the server worked, but I find that crazy now that it worked. I don't even know how I did it
a random thought, but one thing that shocked me about canada (and I'm assuming it's the same in the us) is that everything is so big. there is so much land, the roads are so wide and everything is everywhere. there are small plazas of shops everywhere and if you want to go to one specific shop it can be so far away. it's so big and different to the uk
its midnight and I've definitely set my sleep schedule wrong since I got back. it's almost been a week and I'm still struggling to fall asleep at an appropriate time, I literally start school in a few days, I can't keep waking up at 10

I can't sleep help meeeeeeee
uh oh first day of school and the uniform is so bad, the skirt is soo long and I hate it. the shirt is purple, the skirt is navy with purple and the blazer is navy/black
it's break and I didn't know and I thought I had to go to lesson but now I'm standing outside with no one cus idk where anyone is and omg hajdjkzbcisbxjx
no one told me it was break and ahdisbzkbajsbsvshsim panicking and idkw ahg to do omg
how do I tell my parents I just can't make friends? I think they've gotten the hint, but I don't think they realise just how socially awkward I am. I keep telling them, no one wants to be friends with the new kid, and if i was in a school with people I know, and a new kid comes, I also would not want to be friends with the new kid because I am just like that. I can't go up to a random person and talk to them, who do you think I am??? not an extrovert, for sure. but my mum keeps telling me to "change my body language" and "be more approachable", how do I do that. I'm not even aware of what my own body language looks like, I can't do this. literally when people are forced to speak to the new kid (me) I hear them say "you go" "no you go speak to them don't be shy" or something like that. no one wants to speak to the new kid. people push their friends to speak to me and they always go running back the second they can. ugh I hate being the new kid.

I'm gonna regret posting this so bad
Sorry that you're feelin' like that, buddy. I wish I could help.
I am in bed at 9, this is practically unheard of!!! 🥱😱😱🙀🙊👀👀🫢🤫😇😇
Good night, friend.
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