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stripes we are literally married with children
wow what are the kids names?
nes and fetus apparently, and we have grandchildren and great grandchildren.
but in all honesty i could technically be married and have children right now. it would be perfectly legal
i forgot we had kids
im not old enough to get married and settle down and have children. but i am old enough to have a job.
i almost have my license and a car i just need to pass
driving is so scary
It's not bad when you practice.
i used to be terrified of driving but now i use it as an escape although its always stressful in bigger towns
it's getting cold now :(
I feel a bit sad today. idk why. I think I've spent too long inside. didn't go to school today either because it's off today, and I've got a sore throat :(
man my wheezy cough is not sounding good
it's 5 am and I just woke up to a choir in my throat when I breathe
Maybe drink some water. Would that help?
I did, luckily I was prepared, I just didn't expect to not be able to breathe when I woke up lol
If this happens a lot try a humidifier.

Why are you up at 5 AM?
I've been having this wheezy cough and a sore throat the last couple days, this doesn't usually happen. I woke up at 5 am to not being able to breathe because of the cough and I can't sleep again
I'm just saying... cough, sore throat, shortness of breath... sounds an awful lot like a common disease that's been going around.
the last time I had covid was nothing like this, I had a bad allergy a few days ago and it seems like the cough hasn't gone away. my sister's also gotten sick so it might be that as well. but I should probably do a test (even though I'm sure it's not covid)
Different variants, different situations. Better to be on the safe side, yes?
didn't have time to do a test this morning. I'm so tired and I feel ill but I have to go to school :(
my throats getting better but it's so embarrassing to be coughing non stop when the teacher is explaining something and the class is silent, especially because my cough is a proper wheezy congested cough. nobody even said a word about it, not even my partners, which makes me feel weird
I feel dizzy while sitting down, I think something's wrong with me
i was going to give you advice but i can see the reflection of me typing on a pan next to me and it is tripping me out
hah I've done that before it's so trippy
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