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yeah I might also be allergic to cats, but I'm really allergic to dust. I get really bad sneezes and the next day I have asthma from it. same thing for mould
At least you can detect where the mold is, right? Like a metal detector for mold. The more you sneeze, the closer that you get, is that how it works?

(Just messing with you.)
that's made me laugh. but no, the only time I get mould allergies is when I go to this one person's house and I dont know where the mould is because I usually just sneeze constantly lol
I think this blogs section of the forum is dying

question: what kind of questions do you like answering? I try making them related to the post and wide enough for anyone that reads it to answer but its always nice to get a reply once in a while
hi i like answering questions that are easy to answer but also fun to answer
no question today because I'm so tired

it was my parents 15th wedding anniversary yesterday (the 11th) and today they hosted this big party in a hall. loads of people came, I knew almost everyone. I wore a thin leather skirt that went down to my ankles and a velvet black turtleneck shirt that had half sleeves, it was really hot in that shirt. I was boiling. there were some games and it was all fun, there was a pass the parcel for all the little kids that my friends joined because I was the host. I rickrolled everyone with the song for the game lol. so then the party is over after like 5 hours and basically all my friends come over to my house which is very close. we have a bunch of fun, there were like 9 people in my small room and god was I sweating there. they left around half an hour ago, its half past midnight and my legs are aching so badly. I'm also really sleepy because last night I slept at 1 am and woke up at around 6:30 so I did not get enough sleep

like I said before, no question since I'm overheating and exhausted, goodnight. hope you had/have a good day
Ey, glad you had fun.
uh oh. is daily still happening
new blog post, its more weekly than daily lol

anyway, I fell in love with braiding my hair and leaving it in over night after I take a shower, my hair dries really straight but it never has volume so I like braiding it overnight, it makes my hair wiggly, it gives it volume and it looks nice

tonight I put it in very tight buns, it hurts a little but if its the price I have to pay for wavy hair I'll take it. I'll be asleep anyway. but sometimes in the past it's a little messed up when I leave it in buns tho

question: do you style your hair in any way, shape or form?
nope :D
gosh it is so hot today I'm sweating so much. it's only 14C now but it's getting hotter later. I think that's 40F according to the internet. I really am not looking forward to the summer, its gonna get like 10° hotter at least

what's the temperature you call hot? for me it's anything above 20C or 70F
Living in Florida I have to be okay with mid seventies. 78°F is pushing it.
no question today, I kinda dont know what to do.

so I usually text my friends a lot since most of the time i cant see them irl, and theres one bestie of mine that I text the most. recently I say something and she'll reply with something like "bro" and then kind of like turns stuff into an argument or is a bit rude about it?

us and another few friends were meeting in a restaurant after her sisters birthday party and we got there early, I complain to her like I usually would that she's late and I'm bored, and she asks me to "chilll" about me asking where they were when earlier today she was texting me in caps cus I was late to her sisters party (that my sister was a part of) and then I quote that and put "says u" and she goes "bro there’s no specific time to come to the restaurant and we aren’t last and super late ok so su" I feel like I'm making a big deal out of this but she didnt have to say that?! and you should be hurrying up when there are already 2 families waiting for you. I had to wait 30 minutes for them to come and was hella bored.

and then literally a few minutes ago I ask her if she's seen a new episode of a tv programme and she goes "bro that was on thursday ofc" okay?? so what if it came out then, I have things to do. I say that it's only been 3 days and she says "uh but it's literally the finals, y dont u watch it live?" and I tell her that my parents make us go to bed at like 9:30 and the live starts at 9 and we usually watch the show as a family but my sisters are asleep then.

so I'm not sure if she's changed and being a little rude or if I'm making a big deal out of it? someone help pls
maybe she's going through something or is just generally upset? i would just ride it out and see how she is in a few weeks from now. also i completely understand why you complained about her being late but that probably struck a nerve, she was probably just upset because she couldn't control what time she got there and bla bla bla so she came back with a retort or whatever. i don't know anything about her but my guess is she's probably just going through some stuff. should you ask? probably not unless it gets really bad, or you might upset her more

also just because you're in a bad mood doesn't give you the right to be shitty, and im not excusing that behavior, im just saying
we were together for most of the morning, she seemed fine, but that doesnt mean she couldnt be hiding it. I'm not sure, I think if she was upset she'd probably not text me as much as she did today. she usually says 'lmao' in front of those texts as well so I think she's in an alright mood. obviously I cant guess if she doesnt tell me but she seemed normal and idk why shes acting like this
im not sure then, if she does do something that's really uncalled for then stand up for yourself of course, in the meantime just wait i guess
I guess I will, but I really dont want it to come in the way of our friendship, she's my best and closest friend, I dont want to lose her over a stupid argument. I've lost a lot of friends over stupid arguments and I dont want it to happen again
don't let it escalate, if she's pushing for an argument then back off
I might have covid, my sister tested positive this morning, but i tested negative. i have been having a stuffy nose these recently and today I had to keep clearing my throat and I had a headache a few minutes ago. the last time I had covid I head a really bad headache, but I hope I dont have covid again. if i do this'll be my second time having covid, and my parents third time if they catch it
I had to take a covid test the other day. My stepmum felt really guilty because she had to do it and she knows how uncomfortable it is
but i tested negative
so yeah :)
I hope your sister is okay.
I'm hungry
hello, wow I'm bad at updating this, you'll probably not see me too much for the next 2 weeks as it's the holidays and I'm not being forced to use my phone as my only way of talking to other people at school, but you might see me pop in maybe once or twice a day,

staying inside is getting to me. today I havent been downstairs until 7:30pm for dinner because I was watching tiktok the entire day💀💀💀
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