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I am in pain
Same, dude.

Y'alls good?
sometimes when it's dark and I'm in bed I switch on my torch to make sure my contacts are off even though I just took them off

just wanna be safe yknow
That's a good idea, and a good habit.
I'm scared my new friends will leave me because I'm too boring

there's nothing interesting about me, I don't know how to talk to them as friends, and I'm quiet and just watching them half the time. I don't know how long they'll stay for :(

anyways goodnight, it hurts to breathe and it's a bit late
I think you're perfectly fine. But, if you really feel like you're boring, you could try getting into a big hobby. Plus, you're super sweet and not annoying, so people probably would want to be friends with you.

Also, goodnight. Y'alls good on that breathing thing?
thank you acky, you're amazing <3

and yeah I'm fine my throat just hurts from the past couple days of coughing
Aw man. Sorry to hear that.
I made some really yummy cookies today

that's all
Important question:

Did you have fun?
yes I did
Excellent, that's the part that matters most.
it's so cold this morning that I can breathe on my phone and there'll be a cloud
school ended with a sudden downpour of rain

my sketchbook and bag are absolutely soaked
That sucks. Is your stuff ok?
it's so cold this morning that I can breathe on my phone and there'll be a cloud

What's the temperature? We just hit low 40's this morning (4.4 deg C).
jeez. today was the coldest with 6.5 degrees

That sucks. Is your stuff ok?

luckily it was. my sister sacrificed her jacket to save my sketchbook lol. it's A3 so it's pretty big
where ARE you two that it gets cold in september?! it's like 71F/22C today and that's the coldest it's been all week. it's been like 86F/30C for the past three weeks and i was dying

and yeah it should not be getting this cold already. it usually gets like this in november (I think)

dunno about kylljoy though
I've got a headache so I'm listening to music and not doing my homework due for tomorrow. my teacher's nice so I'll just say I forgot to bring it in and probably get away with it. plus, there's something taking up the entire day tomorrow so I don't think I'm even doing any lessons
I'm in Indinia. Fall is the prelude, Winter is a harsh bitch around here.
Kylljoy said:
why is it so HOT it's only 19° and I feel like I'm baking. and it's just the morning. ighfjdhhdh tomorrows gonna be so much worse
HAH at this time 19° feels warm lool

it was 21° like a week ago and that was only enough for me to not shiver
Kylljoy said:


Proof that IU sucks, even in spelling.
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