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Hey WIll, how's Kiwi?
hey acky he's good

poor thing is getting left alone more often now with everyone out the house (except for my dad who works at home)

I have a slomo of himf lying to my finger
I'm panicking even though I knew all week this homework would take days I decide to leave at the last few hours before it's due tomorrow. I have two A3 sketchbook pages to fill in (not draw but present) and I am uncreative as hell so I don't know how to do this and it's gonna look super rushed ajhdkshfjs
finally finished at midnight 🤩
Ey! Nice job. Don't worry about it if you think it's gonna be boring. It'll rock regardless.
thank you :) and I hope so. art's a pretty strict subject so I'm going early to school tomorrow to finish some things up
Strict? That sucks. Art's about creativity and fun, not being the best.
yeahhhh but it's gcse. gcse art is really strict, sadly :(

or maybe it depends on who you ask
Man. Well, at the very least, you're having fun, right?
I think so
I think that's the most important part. Good luck tomorrow.
thank you so much
'Course. Judging by the art I've seen of yours in the past, it's gonna be rad as hell.
this song is just so perfect I was listening it while I was reading this sad romantic scene where one person was dying the other was holding them when they both were gonna die and the timing on the parts of the song were so perfect it was literally the perfect song for the moment I'm gonna cry or something I'm so obsessed with this songbsjfhsmcn
oh god I'm crying now. that's what I get for listening to sad songs while reading sad scenes
it's past 2am I think I'm gonna sleep now. I'm only sleeping this late because I don't have school tomorrow
Sweet. Enjoy your day off.
new song for the night that I'm obsessed with: Romantic Homicide - d4vd

I'm so tired I didn't get much sleep last night so idk why I'm still up
once again finishing off my art hw late, I get one thing of hw every week. tmr I might tell my teacher about how I'm literally struggling with the little amount of homework they give.
went to the doctor to fix something wrong with my mouth, they said they don't know what it is and it was "strange". very helpful
I remember when alex started the blogging trend. it's been a while since then
it has. thanks for remembering that, will :)
jeez the forums too active today I'm getting behind reading all these threads
well cmon read faster!
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