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currently at the dentist, wish me luck
good luck
I've been having this swelling in the back of my gum for over a week now and the dentist kept scratching it and going over it and it hurt it started bleeding and I'm gonna cry. she kept telling me to look and improve my oral hygiene which I probably should but seeing it bleed when she kept scratching is making me emotional and almost cry. it's not that big of a deal idk why I'm being weird
I know this might be hard, but the most important thing you can learn when visiting the doctor/dentist is how to self-advocate. Have you flat out told them something along the lines of: "The bump at the back of my mouth really hurts every time you touch/scrape it. I am working on my oral hygiene, but is there anything you can do to help fix or at least alleviate the pain in the meantime?"
I couldn't talk because my mouth was open while the dentist was touching it. she didn't really say anything about it either, so I'm assuming the swellings going to go down by itself. I'm fine now though
remind me to wear my contacts tmr please, I know I'll forget myself
nvm I remembered
Good job
everyone do this:
i did awful
you did pretty well!
wow 6/10
oof i got 2
I'm with my friends in the music practice rooms and I feel a little sad because I have no musical talent while my friends are all playing instruments
tap your feet and do a little dance
You should play an instrument and stuff.
I ahve before, I just got bored of it
the UK government is in shambles, and the weather is being weird, crazy day
me and my dad took a couple hours to fit and install new blinds for my room, it ended a disaster. some of the pieces were missing so it couldnt be fixed on top
Better than no blinds, right?
the new one can't be put on and the old one is broken, so I guess it is better than none
ugh I had the worst night ever. I was so hot and sweaty and the dust from the plastic me and my dad sawed off in my carpeted room made me sneeze the entire night. now my nose is so sensitive anything will set me off
I tried putting on fake nails, they look kind of horrible. they're so long and I can't type properly
Will, my friend, what are the pros and cons of owning a bird?
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