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Yes, yes I would!
you play bedrock?
I play both!
cool! my gamertag icecream122721 so add me
Added! I'm CreeperReaperV
added you
Sweet added you back
i have minecraft on my switch, does cross platform still work for that?
Yeah, any modern console running Minecraft is bedrock edition
If you own Minecraft, you own Bedrock
except for java on pc of course
so, in my all girls school we had some German exchange students over for the week, some of which were boys and apparently the whole year group was after this one guy but he apparently had a girlfriend. that was chaos. and outside the school at the end of the day, a traffic signal wasn't working, so the whole road was blocked and not moving. it was also chaos. a lot of chaos. and when we finally got onto a clearer road, there was a crash, blocking up a lane. so more traffic. how fun.
in addition to this already crazy day, it's been cold and rainy the whole time and it made my hair really frizzy and tangled, which is a shock, because my hair never gets tangled
omgggsudheshdwhdjr I have so much homework but I have such a baddd headache if ufuidyriwidurue
omg nooo I got my maths score back and my parents will actually kill me. 33/50, 66% that's horrible. we only got the scores for now so I don't know how I did so badly. I didn't do much revision, but I revised for the stuff I thought I was going to fail on, but my mum will be so disappointed I'm considering not even telling her until she brings it up. I told her about my 80% in my biology test last week, and she wasn't too happy. gosh.
i wish you luck
got a lot of fun school stuff going on rn. first off there's house karaoke which is fun because we have to sing and dance in front of the whole year group and get judged on monday and the headteachers gonna be there. then there's culture day on friday so we get to wear cultural clothing which is gonna be fun, I'm also going to bring some food for lunch and see if my friends can handle the spice lol. then I've got art homework to finish off, art gcse really scares me. 2 10 hour exams next year, so scary. gcses terrify me in general, I am so failing maths and english, I'm horrible at them. anyways that's what's been going on in my life at the moment
I'm so glad that you've been enjoying things in school. Have a nice today, tonight, and tomorrow.
loads of people are getting sick, I hope I don't catch anything. my sister and my mum are both sick, and I'm injured. I don't know how I managed to fall so hard that I'm still limping after two days because of a scratch on my knee. my mum's worried and thinks it could be infected but I think it's fine, just annoying to sleep with
Do you wrap it with gauze or anything before bed? I had an injury on my knee a while ago and that helped make sleeping a lot less uncomfortable.
it's so cold, below freezing, and everything's frosted over but there's no snow 😭😭 it's -3 rn and I'm dying
wow it's still snowing, this is so cool, it's like a dream come true. I'm just sad that the fresh snow's gonna be ruined by cars tomorrow morning
It's only snowed once here and honestly I'm glad, I hate snow with a passion
really? but it's so cool and fluffy
but its so cold and bright and hurts my eyes
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