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these period cramps are freaking KILLING MEE I cant move it hurts
Don't painkillers help?
Painkillers have been my lifesaver for those cramps. Also make sure to drink lots of water and lie down if you feel unwell.
I dont like taking medicine, or those disgusting strawberry flavoured kids medicines but I do take it before bed. most of the pain has gone but it still does hurt :(
"Pills are good, pills are goooood."
I cant swallow those for the life of me, which is why I usually avoid medicine unless I really have to take them
Mush it up into little bits and put it in some water. It'll taste like dog shit, but it'll get to your system faster and it will be easier to swallow.
I'm feeling really off right now. I know why, but that just makes me feel worse. I want to distract myself but I'm also feeling guilty because the rest of my family is downstairs eating dinner while I sulk in my room because I've lost my appetite to this off feeling. I don't know what to do except for think and I dont want to do that
willy, add me on discord and ill call you and we can talk about stuff.
I dont have discord :( you could always just dm me if you want
willy can you be my niece
uhh how would that work
Let Titan marry your aunt.
but why? and all of my aunts are already married
Titan will marry your aunt and her husband too.
oh okay

willy can you be my niece

then I guess yeah?
there are these girls that I think are nice, they used to be a trio but one of the girls are now friends with someone else (from what I can see). the other two are in most of my lessons and I want to be friends with them but I'm too scared to. should I ask them sometimes if I can sit with them for lunch? even if you say yes I probably would chicken out and never do it, but should I?

now I'm honestly getting sick of being alone in school, I'm miserable. I have a feeling that people think I'd rather be on my phone, but no I'm desperate for anyone to talk to me
youre a nice person and so many of your classmates would be delighted to get to know you better.
so dont keep them waiting. say hi to a few of them. make them aware that youre open to conversing.
the worst thing that could happen from trying to talk to them is you go back to the way its always been so its worth a shot, right?
thank you so much titan, you made my day. and I would talk to some classmates, but I have no idea what to say. the people I do actually talk to, we're always focusing on work or talking about the work. and I dont even talk that much, maybe a few words per lesson. that sounds so sad, I am sad :(
see if they like similar things to you. make friends with the people who do.
there's one group I want to join, they're in most of the classes I am, like minecraft a lot, and are nice people but they never talk to me except for one person :( I share most of my lessons with them but they never talk to me
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