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I'm not in a relationship, but my longest friendship has been going on for 10-11 years. the shortest one was 1 year
I think my longest friendship lasted around 8 or 9 years
The relationship I have at the moment has been going on for 39 days, while the longest former friendship I've ever had lasted around 7.
Date 2/28/22

I'm kinda stressed rn. I have an important choir perfomance coming up tomorrow and midterms are at the end of this week.

Anything important going on in your life?
Other than it going into a nosedive?
I'm spiralling
nothing really important, my parents r planning their 15 year anniversary so in 2 weeks theres going to be a massive party and it's going to be exhausting

I think I slept on my back wrong or something because I literally want to die with this back pain.
youch that sucks

Back feels a lot better now luckily, that was probably the worst back pain I've ever experienced.

What is the worst physical pain y'all have experienced? Mine was breaking my arm.
Breaking an arm, I felt nothing, dang adrenaline.

Having surgery on my leg, only pain was mental.

However yesterday having my eyes hurt was extremely painful
Relatable though. I didn't feel most of the pain of breaking my arm due to the shock and the adrenaline, but I definitely started feeling it by the time we (me and my mom) got to the hospital. And it wasn't nice. Other than that it was probably the time that I fell off my scooter as a kid and had bloody scrapes all down my right arm and right leg.
I probably can't remember my worst pain ever, but I know that Juno (the dog, not the guy) scratched up my arm real bad. I think she ripped a nerve, or something like that. Ow.
I fractured my arm once, I cried a lot but I was like 8 then.

also on the day I got covid, or first showed symptoms of covid, I had an excruciatingly painful headache, and I swear ever since then I've just been having these painful as hell headaches due to my eyes being sensitive to light
That sounds horrible I'm so sorry
what is this timing dude. I go onto the blogs thread, click on this one and as soon as I see what message you were replying to, I start getting a headache when I've been headache free for a few days.

btw I'm not trying to be mean to u, if it comes out that way (which it probably does) I'm saying it's a funny coincidence that I get a headache lol, so dont read too much into it
lol, no worries, I didn't take it that way.

Had a choir performance last night. Our performance was judged and scored, and so my teacher will be telling us what score they gave us later today. Kinda stressed but I'll survive.

Well, I forgot about this pretty quick. But I'll go over a brief summary of what's happened recently.

The first judge gave us a 2+ and the second gave us a 2. 1 is the highest score you can get and 4- is the lowest, so overall, an ok performance but we could've done a lot better.

I also had another one of these just a week later for a different choir (I had the bright idea of joining three choir classes for my senior year instead of just taking that time to go home like a normal person). We did a lot better there, getting 1- scores from all the judges (there was 3 judges at this one). Pretty happy with how we did.

Other than that, life has just been kinda bland. Been going to school and finishing up what credits I have left. Gonna finally be out of the torture device they call education in just a few months.

Something of note, somehow I got an argument started in the forums just a few hours ago by making my profile a mogus, so that was interesting.
It was quite the ride. We all got to participate in another avatar contest!
they literally end as quickly as they start
for real

Man I love just going silent on here don't I?

Pretty excited, spring break is next week (ours only lasts for one week) and I'm going on tour with my choir to California. We're going to be stopping in Anaheim to go to Disneyland which should be nice. I've never been to Disneyland before, so this will all be new to me. I think it'll be fun, maybe a little boring with all the waiting in line. I've also never really cared for disney. I don't have anything against it, just not my cup of tea. My GF is beyond excited though.

There is an amusement park here in Utah called Lagoon that I think is probably a lot more fun just because the lines are so much shorter, but who knows.
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