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that sounds really fun! hope you have a great time
Thank you!

Nothing much happening. I'm super excited for tour, but that's not for another five days. On the plus side, I don't have school at all next week for spring break. Oh, and I found this absolutely hilarious video last night. Normally I don't care about sharing videos with other people, but this one felt necessary.
See you guys (on the 11th I'll be back I believe), have as much fun as you can before I come along and ruin it.
I leave for california today and I thought I might as well pop in and say hi before I go, since I won't be back for a while.
I'm sorry, datboi...
Kinda forgot about this again lol


It was my brothers birthday yesterday, we had a pretty chill get-together over at his apartment. Just some pasta for dinner and some milkshakes for desert. So for the past three days I have been pretty busy (easter was Sunday obviously) and I'm pretty sure tomorrow when I get home I'm just gonna pass out.
happy birthday to your brother! have a good rest when you get back haha
Oh lol, I got back to Utah the Sunday before Easter, I just forgot to say on here. I meant when I get home from school.
Thank you though
Guess this is a weekly thing now


Despite the fact that last night I got the most amount of sleep I've gotten on a school night in months (I got 8 hours), I feel really tired right now. This past week has been pretty boring. I was sick over the weekend and also had to skip Monday so I guess that's kinda interesting.

Oh wait- nevermind I just remembered. The night of my last post I went to my last choir festival (it's that concert where we get judged and scored) and we apparently did so well that we are going to state. Festivals work similarly to many sports where it starts off with regionals, then state, you get the gist.
wow, that's pretty impressive! congrats!
Thank you!

I don't even know if I have the energy to write this coherently but here I go anyways.

Last week I skipped my final period on friday because there was an assembly that we were gonna be taken to by our teachers after class and I didn't feel like having to go to the assembly. Hopefully I didn't miss too much from that class.

Ummmm, I got a Pokemon Legends: Arceus on Saturday, so there's that I guess.

I swear my life is interesting
I like politics

Well, this has been a bit of wild ride, hasn't it?

The end of this week is likely the last time I will ever be on this website. I'm done with high school soon, and this site has always just been the place I go to when I'm done with my work. I'm gonna miss quite a lot of you. I'll post a larger goodbye on Friday most likely.
It will be very sad to see you leave.
Yeah, I had some fun times on here. I will probably stay in the TCaS discord server, but I'm not very active on discord anymore.
oh my god
I'll miss you especially stripes. You're probably the kindest soul on here. And I'll never forget interrogating you to find out what crimes you commited
thanks datboi9726 im gonna miss you so much do you have to go
Y'all can just call me Datboi or DB
im going to miss you, DB
good luck with your life :)
It's sad to see you go! I know we haven't really talked, but I do wish all the best for you. Have a great life and TCaS will welcome you back should you choose to return!
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