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So did politics finally win at the end?
aww you're leaving soon? I'll miss you very much, I hope you have a good life out of tcas
Awwwww, thanks everybody.
HugzFafad said:
So did politics finally win at the end?

Lol, not quite yet lol. I still haven't lost my hatred for it. We'll see how things go though.
Hey, I’m currently writing this into a google doc to post to TCaS later. It is currently May 19th, 2022 on a Thursday, but I plan on posting this Friday. We’ll see what ends up happening though.

Well, I guess this is finally it then. For those of you who are reading this but didn’t see my last post, I’m likely not gonna return to this site for a while. I’m graduating high school soon and I’ve always used my school chromebook to talk on here. I don’t have a working computer at home and so I can’t do that, and I don’t really feel like using my phone to talk on here. I will stay in the TCaS discord server, but I’m not super active on discord anymore.

I created my account almost 3 and a half years ago and I have been relatively active since then. I only ever really died off during the summer time. But I’ve been on this site an especially large amount these past 2 years or so, when e-bag got me into the forums section of the site. Before then, I mostly just answered questions and messaged people, occasionally asking a question here or there. But when I finally decided to try out the forums, I found I really liked it, and I’ve really enjoyed my time here since then. Had a couple debates here and there, made some friends, had some really good laughs, learned things about the world, and established my own views on it. I generally try to stick away from the cliche stuff but I’m seriously unsure about who I would be without this site.

I wanna give a thank you to you all. For being chill people (most of you) that I can just relax with, take my mind off the stresses of life for a bit. For listening to me when I’ve needed to vent. For giving advice. For playing games with me. For just having conversations with me in the first place. You guys made high school so much more bearable for me, being a person who absolutely hates the school system and despised much of my time in it. I would give a special thanks to some people, but I don’t want to leave some people feeling left out.

Most of you probably noticed that I mostly stick to the forum games section. I find it the most enjoyable out of the entirety of the forums, and it’s the kind of thing where I don’t really have to think about what I’m doing. I can just daydream about whatever while I type things that I don’t even realize I’m typing. Sadly though, this means that I never really got to know you guys as well as I could have. It has felt like you guys have this super interconnected community with each other and I’m just that one guy that pops in every once in a while. Because all I ever did that much was the games. Idk, maybe I’m just insecure about being an outsider or something.

Anyways, not trying to turn this into a pity party for me, so I’ll leave that conversation for another time I guess.

I’m honestly unsure of what to say anymore. I feel like there is so much more I could say but I can’t think of anything. I think this just means I should say goodbye for now. I do hope I return to this site someday. And I'm sorry this post was so long lol.
I decided to post this today (thursday) so that I have a day to reply to anybody who replies to this.
So, why exactly don't you feel like posting on mobile?
It's inconvenient.
mobile is all i use
Very true.
stripes said:
mobile is all i use

Dang, what a champ
Wait a minute, do you guys think it is possible to get the boys a win in Gender race before the end of the day? I've gotten from 1 to 500 with just me and one other person in a discord server in just half an hour, so I think we could get from 345 to 0 in half a day
I know you're leaving and all, but no ❤
stripes said:
mobile is all i use

me too, I rarely use anything other than my phone
But yea

E-bag was the first to start helping me, which I thought was funny because he is the one who really got me into this community, and now he was there on my big send off goal thing.
I also thought that was funny. I wish I would've been able to help until the end, but I'm glad you were able to accomplish it.
It's all good, you put a lot of effort into it
I want to write a big note, even though I havent known you for that long.

I'll miss you a lot, it was very fun on the forum games, thanks for the enjoyment there :)

and have fun with your life, idk why I feel like I'm turning this into a big thing, I'll just miss you lol. and good luck with your choir. hope to see you again sometime soon, things might change by then, we'll see

but yeah I think that big note was unnecessary. okay I'll shut up now sorry xD
Lol, you're fine.

Welp, this is my last day, this is the last chance for people to talk to me before I leave
You will be missed, FrogMan.
ok this is the part where i start crying
you know you sont have to leave
stripes said:
ok this is the part where i start crying

oh nooooooo don't cry, I'll still be on discord
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