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Happy Friday, everyone!
thanks for reminding me that it is friday
Welcome back from your ban. I missed you.
bug said:
thanks for reminding me that it is friday

You'd better enjoy it for the 4 minutes that remains of it.
Welcome back from your ban. I missed you.

Thank you!!! I missed you too :D
i have 5 hours left of it
How do you guys plan on spending your Fridays? I'll try to make myself go to sleep soon, since I do have to wake up and go to school at 10 o clock tomorrow and I've been trying to right my sleep schedule. Not before taking some time to unwind, though. It's been a long ass week.
School on Saturday? Oh man.

Edit: I gotta have dyslexia or something, man, because I read that post completely incorrectly. Please do take your time to relax, though.
thats what he said though
Huh? I'm re-reading it and it says "do not", right?
it says do
You've gotta be shitting me.

Edit: What the hell?!
i am so confused
Some fun is being had at our expense.
Tại sao?!
Happy Sunday, guys. Tomorrow's the beginning of um the new school week or something I think?

I've finished a webcomic and mario kart 7 yesterday, and two homework assignments today. If you think about it that way, this has been a rather productive weekend.

I have one more math journal and english packet to do and that'll be it.

My life isn't all that interesting, so my updates will probably just be updates on schoolwork, mental health, and whatnot.

Mental health update: Not as bad as last night!

Question of the day: What's the last flavor of instant noodles you've eaten? Mine was:

I added an egg and two slices of cheese so it was very good.
lung bones?
Beef lung.
if thats a reference i dont get it but if its just two words put together i am laughing
I was laughing.
you should continue
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