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HUh!?!??!?!?! That's gotta be an England thing.
idk, some schools have it some schools dont. one of my friends have it, another one doesnt. I was really surprised when I found out I could use my phone in school when I joined
Must be chaos cranked up to 10. How do you live like that?
without phones? what?
it's honestly not bad. I'm able to talk to you guys while in school because I dont have any school friends, so it makes it a hell of a lot more bearable. I think I should add, phones are only allowed at lunch and break, not in lessons
OHHHHH. Okay. That makes a lot more sense.

Also, Bug, I meant how you live with giving phones privileges to all the kids.
i know that in a lot of schools kids can have their phones whenever they want to unless its disrupting something
everyone on tcas, we need to schedule a meet up irl sometime
maybe at the dumpster behind the cvs at sundown?
walgreens is more convenient for me
How about at 10.2116702, 38.6521203?
works for me
I've had a really bad day today. I got excommunicated from my group of friends yesterday. They're never gonna talk to me again.
I've barely slept.
Everything hurts and the mere act of existing is painful.
The girl I have a crush on but who I wish I didn't hates my guts.
what happened with your friends?
I'm a piece of shit for wanting her to like me. She clearly hates me.
bug said:
what happened with your friends?

Trauma dumped too hard on them. They're sick of me. They never want to speak to me again.
All I do is talk to them about my problems to them and they really don't want to have to put up with it anymore.
thats not a very friend thing of them to do or think
I have no friends.
im your friend
bug said:
thats not a very friend thing of them to do or think

They're in their right to not like me. I'm not deserving of friends.
bug said:
im your friend

I haven't been very good to you, either.
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