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have i or stripes ever told you that we think you should stop talking about your problems because it bothers us? as far as i know we haven't because friends don't do that, if your friends were really tired of it they wouldn't hate your guts forever or ask you to stop completely, they would just ask you to tone it down or something
I'm scared I'm gonna continue to lose all the friends I worked so hard to get.
and you have been good to me
im scared of that too, but its normal to lose your friends sometimes
yeah like bug said, it's normal to lose friends. I've lost friends that I've been friends with for 6 years! and we stopped being friends for a very stupid reason. but it's normal. whatever your going through will pass, it's just a matter of time. stay positive titan, (in spirits, not covid tests) and please keep your head up high. thinking all these negative thoughts will do you no good, it will only make everything worse. so stay optimistic, even when it's hard to. we're all rooting for you, nobody wants you to go through this
you have us.
also, bug is right
of course bug is right. bug is always right.
so true
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