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Any of you ever had parrot lung soup?
bug said:
you should continue

It isn't as funny as it was one I first told it anymore.
Any of you ever had parrot lung soup?

No, but that sounds interesting. Tell me more.
I haven't had it either, it just sounds gross.
Is that even a thing?
acky just put two words together and then added soup at the end and acted like it was a real thing
People are gullible. I'm trustworthy. I could convince someone that there is a person currently living that is 8 feet tall.

Now, he may have existed in the past, but is no longer alive. He's in Guinness WRs, you can check him out.
i feel as if you are lying
Only one way to find out, Buggus.
Topping our list is Robert Wadlow, "The Giant of Illinois." Having reached a height of 8 ft 11 in, Wadlow is the tallest confirmed person to have ever lived. Born in Alton, Illinois in 1918, he suffered from hypertrophy of the pituitary gland, causing him to produce massive amounts of human growth hormone.
That's right. But, did you know that there is a living person that is over 8 feet tall? He's Turkish.

8 ft 2. Tallest living person.
that is true
I convinced you, didn't I? I did not lie because telling the truth is better than tricking people.

You can convince people without lying.
valuable lesson
Now then, Buggus, would you believe me if I said that the tallest dog is also over 8 feet tall?
no because i googled it
Damn you, Google.

Anyway, telling the truth is moral, but lying is also fun, as long as it doesn't hurt anything.
yes except no except yes
Exactly. Don't do crack, though.
why not
Yeah. Why not?
Drugs screw you up. Sure, you have a little bit of fun, but then your friends who do drugs with you overdose and die. And so do you. Unless you miss it by a hedge, and even then you'll have probably already sold your own arm for crack.
my biological mom and step brother are drug addicts
My mum is.
wow, i forgot i said that
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