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haha me too, and i only said it three seconds ago XD
wearing shorts today. nice weather.

haven't worn shorts and short sleeves in forever. i feel like a child once more.
i agree that only children should wear shorts and t-shirsts
being a child is nice. i wouldn't know, though.
you've never been a child?
I don't know what it's like to be happy.

Edit: I'm joking. Can we talk about something else?
sure lets talk about pepperoni
i only eat turkey pepperoni
dont eat pork
Any reason for that?
religion i guess. i feel like ive said this before here but i cant remember
I don't think you have. That's new.
oh well its also a health thing too
Is pork particularly unhealthy?
okay this is what i know. it could be wrong, don't take it at face value. but basically there are a couple of reasons. parasites, the whole "they don't chew their cud thing" ( i am pretty sure this is just how they process their food? like they spit it back up and then chew it again to be able to digest it better), they also will eat anything, they live in their shit, and this one i have never fact checked lol but they are similar to humans? like i guess that human babies in the womb look like pigs and our skin is similar
yeah fun stuff
Someone gave me one of these bad boys during math class today.
there are tons of those in my house and i have never read one
There is one of those in my house, now, and I have never read it.
i drew in one of mine
List of accomplishments:
I talked to people during rehearsal today, made my bus for the first time since they changed the schedule, and ate both breakfast and lunch. Now all I have to do is get 8 hours of sleep tonight. I worked on my social anxiety today, and I'm proud of myself!

I think you're supposed to do this in blogs, so here's a question of the day:
What video game have you sunk the most time in in your life? Mine is probably Minecraft. It's a fun game.
Same with me
yup. minecraft. maybe the sims. also thats great! you should be proud
Yup! Progress.
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