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progress is great
What video game have you sunk the most time in in your life? Mine is probably Minecraft. It's a fun game.

most definitely minecraft, second would be roblox
Unless I fall asleep in two minutes, I don't see myself getting 8 hours of sleep tonight. At least my homework's done. Good night, everyone! 😴💤
Good night. Good job on that homework thing. Sleep well, friend.
I am not having a good time right now :(
Tell me about what's going on.
yeah, whats up?
Messed the fuck up my things in rehearsal, parent teacher conference talking about how awful I've been, shitload of homework, and social anxiety was strong today so I ended up talking to no one again.
im sorry, that really sucks. theres always tomorrow?
There will always be tomorrow. It will be okay eventually.
Yeah, thanks guys. Ugh tomorrow I have a lot of homework too. And a history test.
history is fun!! just think about how fun it is to learn about history!!
It isn't fun when everything you do is for a grade.
i know
Very depressed today :(
What's going on? Can I help?
Not really. Just depression.
Aw. If I could give you a hug, I would, Titan.
Thanks, guys.
We're always here to help.
No update today.

Just want to thank you all for always being there for me. I don't know where I'd be without you. Without you, I'd probably be so, so much worse off than I am now. I shudder to imagine it. Thanks so much for being my friends. <3

Edit: I feel a lot better now. I'll try to remember the kind things you've said to me.
i think everyone is just happy that you feel better now
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