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In this blog I will be talking about recent events, things that happened to me, and other topics. So not the most unique but interesting maybe?
(I did copy you Alex)
I'll try to be consistant. key word: try
I look forward to posting here.
-MintyTea :3
*excitement intensifies*
I will be doing this blog I've just been really busy lately. I'll post mmmmmmm
entry #1
Hello welcome to the MintyTea blog.
I have many, many interesting things to talk about here like:
nvm no I don't.

Anyways, I'm pretty stoked because this is the last week until school holidays. My ipad that I use for art went missing and I found it this week completely smashed, my mum said my brother threw it. I was pretty upset, it cost a lot of money and I even had an apple pencil for it. Enough complaining though.
I'm doing a genocide run on undertale and I finally beat undyne!!! Now I'm up to sans. The attacks are easy to dodge but you have to get the timing just right so its really hard.
Anyways next post will be more entertaining I hope. cya.

Good luck with your Undertale Genocide Run! I personally don't have the heart to do one and haven't touched the game since I reached the True Pacifist ending.
That's understandable, true pacifist is my favorite ending.
Goddamn, I'd love that game if it wasn't for the fandom.
I love the game; I'm just not involved in the fandom at all. I'll gladly talk about it, though I don't want to enter that scary place.
I'm not too involved with the undertale fandom. I guess that weird/negative people come with most fandoms, I try to ignore those aspects and focus on the nice people and the cool things that come out of them but it's pretty easy for a few bad apples to make everyone look bad or ruin a franchise for people. The reason why I left the fnaf fandom.
I refuse to do Genocide

Snowgrave on the other hand...
I've done the regular run on deltarune and I've done snowgrave, I'm just stuck on spamton neo. I really want to see the snowgrave ending though. and if I get past mettaton ex or neo, idk what the difference is, I'll try genocide route in undertale. I'll suck tho
i still havent beat sans
Hi, sorry but I won't be posting for a while, probably a long time I think. I've got into a serious road accident, I am very grateful that no one was physically harmed but I am quite emotionally hurt and am experiencing heightened, frequent anxiety attacks.
Don't worry I am ok but will need some time to recover from the shock, thank you for understanding. :)





I went to the doctors today. I have an iron deficiency.
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