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decided to make this for no reason

probably won't be super active, but i may post random stories about my life
the name of the blog came from the fact that i'm bi and trans, and people call me "choan" as a nickname. i do not know why people do this.

a few years ago when i was first on the forum people would call me "cho." it was a nickname i rolled with, and it means "butterfly" in japanese.

now people call me "choan" in the fairy tales. i don't know why that is my new nickname. i think it was acky that started calling me it but i'm not 100% sure. it makes no sense in japanese, but it seems to have stuck.

also worth mentioning that this is the only site i have the username "chotano" on
Thanks Minty.

I was born 19 years ago today.
Happy birthday Cho
Happy birthday!
Thanks guys.
happy birthday!!
happy birthday cho!!!
Y'all are the best.

happy birthdayy
Thanks for the birthday wishes y'all, it was a blast.
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