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Hi welcome to this blog. I might post every day if I feel like it, or maybe not.

day 1:
I played tennis for two hours. That was fun. That's the only notable thing I did today other than playing video games and looking at this site, because I'm currently on spring break.
welcome to the club of blogs that people rarely update. tennis sounds fun, although I'm not much of a sporty person myself. what video games do you play?
Okay I kind of didn't do this for a while because i was lazy but anyway

My favorite games are games where you do stuff in a nonlinear path, like sandbox-type games i guess.

I was the guy who posted that i had a really weird school week.
In short some kid sold vodka, some kid took a big one on the bathroom floor, and there was a rumor of a school shooting. And HALF the school got signed out, because of the (rumored) school shooting. Guess who didn't get signed out (me). I didn't want to do ELA but here I am.
also i swear but if this girl doesn't like me at this point 'cause all the signs point to it

ask me anything else i'm bored
today was normal

my parents say i use earbuds too much, i don’t really care though. i love music
i did nothing today, except partake in viewing youtube for... way too long
haha, same here
so i went to a orchestra concert today.
and um the theme of it was "Guess the Movie Song" or something like that.
and wow, i need to watch more movies because i got like maybe 2/7 out of the themes. i mean they WERE older-ish movies but still
i need to play tennis more often. like really bad.
because when you play tennis once a week you get very rusty. i guess you could say that for a lot of things though.
i don’t want to do this rough draft for the allegorical satire known as “Animal Farm.”
this is why i don’t like ELA because you have to actually analyze the text. just reading is a lot more enjoyable
oh I've read that in school
i am wearing a shirt that has all the moon phases on it, on a test day that’s all about the moon phases
i got so lucky i got the last chicken sandwich from panera bread
nice. was it good?
it was delectable
this is the post where i test things


bad at grammer I am
wow thanks for reviving my dead blog
no prob
don't question the avatar. all new avatars for this slaveImeanalt will be based on this
done by hand!
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