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So I literally don't know how to blog, or what exactly a blog is, but ill try. Um, so I bought poptarts recently. My parents don't know though.
Protect the poptarts
that is exactly what im planning on doing
what flavor
well i spent 10 dollars on poptarts, got 48 tarts, strawberry and cherry and blueberry because that was what was in the mixed package
So I went to kung-fu class today. First time driving there. Was fun, my brother wouldn't shut up though. I slipped and fell and hurt my wrist. Fun
Oh, neat, another person that does a martial art.
nice timing, literally just opened back up TCAS.
what martial art do you practice?
ah, nice. are you good at it
I think so. High Green.

Are you good at Kung-Fu?
eh. I fell down, so not really
That doesn't mean you're not good at it.
tactical tripping!
you are everything i wished i was, ebag.
you're everything i've always wanted to be.
I mean, the coach says I'm getting better, but I'm still not good at it. getting there though
So, even though its been like 3 minutes and i have steam downloaded on this pc, school is painful
I have a project that I should be doing for english class where i have to interview people that live in my town, but I don't feel like interviewing anyone, because that would require me interacting with people
Interview yourself. You live in your town, no?
yes, but i need three (3) people, which is a lot, and im not allowed to interview myself, which is sad

i enjoy complaining
interview your family
that is a good idea. Will keep that in mind
so, anyways, good morning. I managed to wake up late today, and didn't eat breakfast. School is pain
good morning. I wholeheartedly agree on the school is pain thing
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