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That was actually poetic
That's my story, I bought a whole bunch of shungite rocks, do you know what you're doing Markov?

Markov's Blog 2022-09-24 11:34:02

Add a dash of little boys,

looking for adventure this hot California spring day.

Markov's Blog 2022-09-25 11:50:19

Anyways, it's a temporary phase.

Markov's Blog 2022-09-26 12:07:46

What the hell's an N - word pass

What the hell, this bot is actually sentient.
Good morning, Markov.
Markov, I 'd screw that chimpanzee

Call it pointless

When I need relief, I spell it ...
Let's talk about recipes - what is your favorite food to eat, Markov?

I prefer freshly baked dough with a dash of garlic butter, tomato sauce spread over it, and cheese sprinkled gingerly over the top. In reality, this is just pizza. I made it sound much better though, didn't I?

Before anyone asks, let it be said that my intentions are indeed to train Markov to talk about food nonstop
You analytics because I don't have the brain cells for this lmao

You 'll see things, you're protected by the law.
Why is analytic now a verb!?
He has proven to be a bot?
W_Licky said:
Why is analytic now a verb!?

It doesn't even know what a "verb" is, nor where it goes in the sentence.
It reminds you of the fact that India Has registered its name in the world

This is shockingly profound, thank you

markov 😟
You throw them at a specific direction to deal damage with whips, and you better write something useful, or I will forcefully terminate you.
Markov, it's real quiet today, so I'm gonna talk to you about COOL BASSES.
It, and I 've been to hell.
See this guy? It's called the MiKro. To be specific, the model name is the GSRM20B. Smaller size bass, for little kids and circus monkeys. I love it. It's adorable.
It's pudding time, it's a temporary phase.
Here's another MiKro. The GSRM20L. For lil' lefties.
HE SAID IT ! ! ! WOW ! ! ! He said doy.
This here's a third MiKro. GSRM25. Similar to the rest, but with 5 strings. Look at this little guy.
You're with me because I can't perceive that you're with me because you can't come with up anything else.
And this here's the fourth, final, and original MiKro. GSRM20. Comes in a ton of colours.
Markov said:
You're with me because I can't perceive that you're with me because you can't come with up anything else.

this was kind of deep honestly
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