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Okay so yeah basically it went pretty well.
I went in with my mum and she was talking to the paediatrician lady but I kinda forgot what about. Then my mum went out of the room for the testing thing and the lady went and got this big box and she said she was gonna have me do a few activities like showing me a picture and I had to say what was going on, going through the steps of how to brush your teeth, showing me picture books without words and having me tell the story based on the pictures, puzzles. And then she asked me some questions from a paper book thing and she said that my answers were so detailed we wouldn't have to do any more activities. Then she said that she thinks autism is a good label for me and she brought my mum in.

Basically im gonna do like an iq test kind of thing because I often have trouble processing information so they're gonna be able to tell teachers how they can break up instructions and assignments in a way I can understand. In October I'm going to my doctor for my official diagnosis and paperwork stuff. Also im sick rn and it suckss my last weekend before my cousins leave for Ireland was wasted because I got sick >:(
a dont have a spooky costume idea for halloween :(
whoevers reading this u wish u were me. Was there a litter of puppies at your house yesterday for you to cuddle and play with. i dont think so.
also my mum wants to get me a puppy and a trainer will come to our house once a week and we'll train it to be an assistance dog how epic.
why arent you here :((
im am now dont worry
im gonna worry just to spite you
free robux (not clickbait!!!)
you clickbated me >:(( I wanted free robix ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
ACTUAL free robux!!!1!!Not clickbait!!1! very real!!1!1!1!!!
trust me!!1!!!!!
I want to write something but i suck at writing and also I have no ideas.
Im failing english
Yet you speak English? Curious.

~~im currently failing most of my college classes and am considering dropping out~~
Im failing like all of my classes
I just procrastinate too much or couldn't be bothered
Just found out I made the robux joke a few times already I just have a bad memory
Hi sorry I haven't posted on here for a while.
I just haven't been very happy so it would be difficult to make positive blog posts lol. (That's also why I haven't been sitting with the group at lunch if you're reading this Alex.)
In good news I got a new puppy. He's a golden retriever mini poodle crossbreed.
I'm also really indecisive about my pfp that's why I keep changing it like every day.
I'm also writing this instead of doing my schoolwork :P
Do your work.
I am doing it now

(it's soooo easy cause im sooooooo smart)
What's the puppy's name?
Romeo but I think we're changing it
i love it.
God its so hot here. Luckily I can ride my kangaroo home instead of walking. take a bus home!
(I do not own a kangaroo that is misinformation)
Minty, you're SUPPOSED to tell them that it's fake and we don't ride kangaroos! If they knew, they would...
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